Commons Social Change Library Part 1, Australian Climate Case Updates, 100 Years of Radio with Pilar Aguilera, ‘Fly in Power's Narrm Premiere

Thursday, 23 November 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am
'Fly in Power' digital poster.

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Have you ever wondered how to shut down capitalism? Protect the habitat of your favourite marsupial? Write an angry letter to your member of parliament? tIf you have, then our interview with Iain MacIntyre from the Commons Social Change Library is a must listen. The Commons Social Change Library is a service that documents the collective wisdom of people who have engaged in social change struggles and campaigns in so-called Australia and the world, and is committed to making that information freely available to facilitate the challenging of social injustice. Today, you'll hear part one of Spike’s interview with Iain, where they discuss a definition of social change and why it is important that information about the struggles can be accessed freely. They also discuss why documenting struggles helps us achieve social change, and the first steps taken in a social justice campaign.//


Guda Maluyligal leaders Wadhuam Pabai Pabai and Wadhuam Paul Kabai joined us to speak about the direct impact that climate change is having in the Zenadth Kes region on the lives, cultures and futures of community. In 2021 Uncle Pabai and Uncle Paul brought a class action known as the Australian Climate Case against the Commonwealth Government of so-called Australia to challenge its failure to prevent and act on climate change. We were also joined by Ruby Mitchell, from Grata Fund, a specialist non-profit litigation fund working to support the case. You can support Uncle Pabai and Uncle Paul’s fight and follow the case here.//


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first radio broadcast in Australia on the 23rd of November, 1923. Since that time radio has been seen as a source of entertainment, information and companionship to generations of people.  Today we commemorated 100 years of radio in so-called Australia by welcoming 3CR chairperson Pilar Aguilera to Thursday Breakfast to talk about our station’s contribution to this history. Pilar will be participating in the discussion ‘Tuning In or Fading Out: Radio’s past, present and future’ at the Eureka Centre tonight in Ballarat.//


Documentary maker, writer, and broadcaster on 3CR's Women on the Line program Xen Nhà joins us to discuss the upcoming Narrm premiere of the documentary 'Fly in Power', which weaves a story of Asian sex workers' community care, solidarity and organising for justice and labour rights. The documentary, which Xen produced, follows Charlotte, a Korean massage worker and core organizer of Red Canary Song, a social justice collective of Asian diasporic massage workers, sex workers and allies who basebuild through mutual aid. Through Charlotte's story, we learn how the incarceration system is pitted against Asian migrant women and their survival. Xen has offered two free tickets to the premiere for 3CR listeners, so make sure to send us a direct message on Instagram at @3crthursdaybreakfast to go in the running to claim them! Fly in Power premieres next Thursday the 30th of November from 6-9PM at 229 Victoria Street, Brunswick, co-hosted by Vixen and Red Canary Song and with food provided by Shop Bao Ngoc. You can buy tickets and/or donate to the Asian Migrant Sex Worker Advisory Group via Humanitix.//