Resistance is inevitable!

Sunday, 19 May 2024 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Image credit: 'Girl holds up a Black Lives Matter sign', Clay Banks (2020)

The rising cost of living, the looming climate catastrophe, a genocide the West denies the existence of and so many other issues have stoked anger and resistance in everyday people to levels we haven't seen for a generation.

Join Meg and TrevFreedom of Species hosts, as they explore hand picked songs written and performed throughout the decades that both express this anger and desperation, and provide an anthem for resistance to a system designed to keep the masses in check and benefit the powerful few.

WARNING: There is coarse language in songs throughout this show. 

Resistance is inevitable!

Warrior Sound / The Qemists / 3.53

Fight the power / Public Enemy / 4.42

Europe is Lost / Kae Tempest / 5.31

Hinds Hall / Macklemore / 2.48

Run You / The Qemists / 4.20

Labour the cacophony / Paris Paloma / 4.07

The Revolution will not be televised / Gil Scott Heron / 3.07

Takeover / Zardonic and The Qemists / 4.08

9 to 5 / Dolly Parton / 2.42

Get your fight on / Prodigy / 3.38

No Fucking War / 7 Year Bitch / 1.53

Killing in the Name / Rage Against The Machine / 5.13


Image credit: 'Girl holds up a Black Lives Matter sign', Clay Banks (2020)


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