Guests: Vivienne, Regina and Heather McKenzie, Linda and Harry Dare, Dr Susan Andersson. Presenter: Michaela
18 Aug 2018
Guests: AC Hunter & Dave Sweeney. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Greg Rolles and Simon Moyle
Hiroshima after atomic bombing
AC Hunter, Setsuko Thurlow
Mara Bonacci and members of the Kimba and Flinders Ranges Communties
Pamela Kngwarraye Lynch, Doreen Nungurla Carroll McCormack , Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham, Christine Kngwarraye Palmer, Sabella Kngwarraye Ross Turner
SOS conference logo - hands in the shape of the letters S, O and S
AC Hunter, Bill Nicholson, Hazel Collins
Mara Bonacci speaks with Dr Margaret Beavis
K-A, Dr Jim Green, Dr Christine Jefferies-Stokes