Guests: Sister Michele Madiagan & Gem Romuld. Presenter: Lavanya Pant
Guest: Tiokasin Ghosthorse Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
uranium mining epbc act
KA Garlick Ruby Hamilton Mia Pepper
A screen from a presentation that says "People power vs nuclear power" with three pictures of people protesting
Roland G. Simbulan and DJ Janier
14 Mar 2020
Guests: Mayu Seto & Dr.Jim Green. Presenters: Lavanya Pant & Michaela Stubbs.
KA Debbie Carmody Rika Watanabe
No uranium, No Weapons , No waste
Guests: Gem Romuld & KA Garlik. Presenters: AC, Crunch, Mara & Michaela.
Activists with banners gather for speeches on the steps of the State Library of Victoria as part of a global day of action calling for 'No War with Iran'
Guests: Kevin Bracken, Shirley Winton, Margie Beavis, Gurpreet Singh, Jacob Grech & Romina Beitseen. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.