Greg Rolles with Cedar Grey
Mara shares rally speeches from Dwayne Coulthard, Lavene Ngatokorua, Anna Taylor, Margie Beavis and Jamie Newlyn
KA, Mr Glen Cooke, Jo Valentine & Marcus Atkinson
Gem Romuld, Jessie Boylan
AC Hunter
3 Nov 2018
Mara shares presentation from Dave Sweeney, KA Garlick, Trish Frail, Jeanette McGrath, Vicky Abdullah and Vivienne McKenzie
Guests: Simon Nabanardi, Jimmy Nabanardi, Shanice Mujandi, Nonica Hardy & Phillipa Douglas. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
K-A, Kado Muir, Vicky Abdullah, Piers Verstegen and Sen Rachel Siewert
Mara speaks to organiser JD Mittman and features speakers Merilyn Fairskye and David Noonan,
Greg Rolles, Clancey, Michael
Andrew Giles, Janet Rice, Jeannie Rae, Lucy Turton, Marcus Yip, Dave Sweeney
Guests: Tilman Ruff, Toni Scott. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Guests: Vivienne, Regina and Heather McKenzie, Linda and Harry Dare, Dr Susan Andersson. Presenter: Michaela
18 Aug 2018
Guests: AC Hunter & Dave Sweeney. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Greg Rolles and Simon Moyle
AC Hunter, Setsuko Thurlow
Mara Bonacci and members of the Kimba and Flinders Ranges Communties
Pamela Kngwarraye Lynch, Doreen Nungurla Carroll McCormack , Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham, Christine Kngwarraye Palmer, Sabella Kngwarraye Ross Turner
AC Hunter, Bill Nicholson, Hazel Collins
K-A, Dr Sue Wareham
Mara Bonacci speaks with Dr Margaret Beavis
K-A, Dr Jim Green, Dr Christine Jefferies-Stokes
Mara Bonacci, Vince Coulthard and Dray
Guests: Aunty Hazel Collins, Tegan Hughes. Presenter: AC Hunter
Greg Rolles, Callum Simpson and Lucy Turton
Mara Bonacci, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Cat Beaton
KA, Nancy, Muuki and Curtis Taylor - Martu mob, Bilbo Taylor
28 Apr 2018
Mara, Trish Frail, Natalie Eastwood, Fred Hooper and ASEN rep
AC Hunter, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Vivienne McKenzie, Cat Beaton, Jim Green, Avon Hudson, Dimity Hawkins
Tim Wright, Ray Acheson
K-A, Geoffrey Stokes, Vicky Abdhullah, Mia Pepper, Marcus Atkinson, Marilyn Burnheart
Mara Bonacci speaks with Senator Rex Patrick
Greg Rolles and Peter Murnane
Emma (Crunch) Kefford
Nancy Atkin
Guests: Trish Frail, Ricky, Jude and Shar. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
AC Hunter (presenter) with Gem Romuld, Ila Marks and Eric Miller, Andrew Starkey, Loretta O'Brien, Ania Anderst and Nicole Kirby.
K-A, Kenichi Hasegawa, Curtis Taylor, Desmond Taylor
Mara with Speakers Akira Kawasaki from peace boat, Nagasaki survivor Terumi Tanaka, Maralinga survivor Mima Smart and ICAN Ambassador Scott Ludlam
Guests: Dave Sweeney, Dr Jim Green, Mara Bonacci and Winiata Peru. Presenter K-A
Mara, and rally MCs Dave Sweeney and Vivianne McKenzie plus speakers
AC Hunter, Scott Ludlam, Andy Paine, Moi and Karen from Fukushima, Japan
K-A Garlick & Adrian Glamorgan from RTR.FM, Perth, Piers Verstegan, VIcky Abdhullah, Dave Sweeney
18 Nov 2017
Greg Rolles, Margaret Pestorious and Andy Paine
Guests: Dennis Banks, Marcus Atkinson and Kid Valence. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.
Mara Bonacci and Dr Margie Beavis
Priscellena Rabbit, Anne Marie Tapp, Ephraim Dutchie, Leona Morgan
Kylie Sambo, Adam Sharah, Natalie Wasley, Aunty Isobel
AC Hunter, Laura Drew, Emma Cullen, Gem Romuld
Mara, Kirsten Blair, Simon Mudjandi, Russell Peters, Mitch, Viv McKenzie
Kevin Buzzacott, Enice Marsh, Dave Sweeney, Margaret Gilchrist, Bilbo Taylor and Scott Ludlam
AC Hunter
Guests: Meriki Onus, Lidia Thorpe, Sung Hee Choi, David Vine & Scott Ludlum
Mara, Karina Lester, Nat Wasley, The McKenzie Sisters & Craig Wilkins
Guests: Marcus Atkinson & Dash Johnson Taylor. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Mara, Dave Sweeney and Olga Kalasova
5 Aug 2017
KA Garlick, Sou Horie, Marcus Atkinson, Vicky Abdullah
AC Hunter, Ralph Hutchison, Jim Green
15 Jul 2017
Mara speaks to Caroline Kroft
Sue Coleman-Hasseldine, Senator Janice Rice, and more from rally attendees. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Greg Rolles
Emma Kefford
Mara speaks to Mia Pepper, Mr Glen Cook and Dave Sweeney
Guests: Geoff Williams & Dr.Jim Green. Presenter: Mara Bonacci
Greg Rolles with Aunty Nin Phillips and Marge Thorpe
Mara speaks to Dr Susi Andersson, Robyn Rainer, Tom Harris and Nat Wasley
AC Hunter
Libby Conors
8 Apr 2017
AC Hunter (presenter) with Sue Coleman-Haseldine and Tilman Ruff
Mara speaks to Peter Woolford and Dave Sweeney
Guest: Disarm Avalon activists, Jim Dowling. Presenter: Greg Rolles.
AC Hunter and KA Garlick
4 Mar 2017
Mara Bonacci, Carl Magnus Larsson, Rick Tinker
Candyce Paul, Kristian Laemmie-Ruff, Marcus Atkinson
Guests: Vicky McCabe, Dr.Jim Green, Gem Romuld, Marcus Atkinson, KA Garlick. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Mara speaks to Robert Webb, Greg Bannon and Regina MacKenzie
Richard Evan, Mia Pepper and Jim Green
AC Hunter and Emma Kefford
10 Dec 2016
Mara speaks to Prof Richard Tanter and Dr Jim Green
Guest: Yami Lester. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Mara speaks to Dr Jim Green, Vivianne McKenzie and Cat Beaton
Jim Green, Tauto Sansbury, Trisha Drioli, Karina Lester
Greg Rolles with Jacob Grech
Richard Tanter, Kosuzu Abe
Guests: Paul Brown (Nuclear Futures) & Steve Harrison (Yalata artist). Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Greg Rolles with Dr. Marty Branagan
Guests: Jessie Boylan, Avon Hudson & Curtis Taylor. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Regina McKenzie, Lucy Lester, Enice Marsh, Scott Ludlam
Mara interviews FoE's Jim Green and CCSA's Cat Beaton
Mara interviews Tim Wright and Dimity Hawkins
Emma Kefford
Greg Rolles with Dr. Jim Green from Friends of the Earth
Guests: Richard Evans & Mia Pepper. Presenters: Mara Bonacci & Michaela Stubbs
Tim Wright, Richard Lennane
Kevin Buzzacott, Annie McGovern
Guests: Clifton Girgiba, Karnu Nancy Taylor, Mr.Glen Cook, Lavinia, Simone Van Hattem, Jo Vallentine, Lindsey, Marcus Atkinson, Irene. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Guest: karnu Nancy Taylor, Mia Pepper, Dave Sweeney, Muuki, Piers Verstegen, Marcus Atkinson, Bindy, Glen Cook, Winiata. Presenter: Michaela
Greg Rolles and Meg
2 Jul 2016
Michaela Stubbs and Greg Rolles- Senator Scott Ludlam
Kevin Buzzacott, Bilbo Taylor
Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Rose Lester, Daryl le Cornu
Guests: Enice Marsh, Linda Coulthard, Regina McKenzie, Vivanne McKenzie. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Greg Rolles and Donna Mulhearn
Greg Rolles and Bec Horridge. Guests: Sam Quinlan, Bec Horridge, Jasmine Pilbrow, Graeme Dunstan and Carole Powell
Guests: Dr.Jillian Marsh, Cat beaton. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Abacca Anjain-Maddison, Kathy Jetnil Kijiner, Gem Romuld
Greg Rolles, Jess, Simon Moyle and Sam Quinlan
Murray Horton, Upper Hut Posse
Guests: Dr.Bill Williams, Dave Sweeney, Merilyn Fairskye & Jessie Boylan. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Richard Lennane and Tim Wright
Tim Wright (ICAN) and Ray Acheson (Reaching Critical Will)
Russell Goldflam, Jacob Grech
Regina McKenzie, Hilary Tyler, Meret Macdonald
Emma Kefford, Lee Rhiannon, Sue Wareham, Jo Valentine
The strength of community opposition is growing at the six nominated sites being assessed for a federal nuclear waste dump. Today we hear from Aaron Le Rossignol from Oak Valley station next to the Aridgold date farm nominated without community consent & Barbara Shaw, Australian Nuclear Free Alliance co-chair from Alice Springs. Friends of the Earth's Dr.Jim Green reports on the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission's initial report 'Tentative Findings'.
Guests: Aaron Le Rossignol, Barbara Shaw, Dr.Jim Green. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Featuring Richard Tanter
Emam Kefford and Richard Tanter
We continue looking at the six nominated sites for a National Nuclear Waste Dump as the end of the public comment period nears.
Guests: Jodie Carter, Dr. Hilary Tyler Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Part 2 of 2 exploring the road to a long-overdue nuclear weapons ban treaty.
Tim Wright, Setsuko Thurlow, Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Richard Lennane
Part 1 of 2 exploring the humanitarian initiative to ban nuclear weapons.
Tim Wright, Jody Williams, Eric Schlosser, Martin Sheen and more.
Dedicated & long-time nuclear free campaigners bring us up to speed on what the year ahead holds.
Guests: Dr.Jim Green, Dave Sweeney & Mia Pepper. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Moving Towards a Nuclear Free Future as a way of life. Part 2 of the 2-part special on an epic adventure for peace and nuclear disarmament in the US.
Jim, Denise, Jeanette, Larry
Part one of a two part special on the Movement Towards a Nuclear Free Future that happened in April 2015 from Tenessee to NY, in the US. Radioactive Show Producers joined a contingent from various parts of Australia to participate in the journey which started at the Y12 nuclear weapons facility at Oakridge Tenessee, and travelled by walking, riding and running to the UN in New York. Part one features sounds and interviews from the 800 mile trip.
Gem Romuld, Emma Kefford
Today we hear from Bob Moorish from Inglewood near Oman Ama (QLD), one of the short listed sites for a national nuclear waste dump, and Robin Taubenfeld, Nuclear-free campaigner with FoE Brisbane. Before that, Dave Sweeney, Nuclear-free campaigner with the ACF joins us with news that the Federal Government signed off on a deal to sell uranium to India despite a strong recommendation against this by the government's own Joint Standing Committee on Treaties.
Guests: Dave Sweeney, Robin Taubenfeld, Bob Moorish
28 Nov 2015
Hill Enders are saying no to a nuclear waste dump at Sally's Flat, NSW, and Karina Lester at the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima.
Jodie Carter, Natalie Wasley, Karina Lester
On Friday 13th November the Federal Government released their shortlist of six nominated sites to be investigated for a national nuclear waste dump. Today we'll speak with Dr.Jim Green - national nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth, Regina McKenzie from Yapala Station - an Indigenous Protected Area which neighbours a site nominated in the Flinders ranges in SA and Tracey Carpenter from the Bathurst Climate Action Network.
Guests: Regina McKenzie, Tracey Carpenter, Dr.Jim Green. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.
Featuring compelling recordings taken at the 'Renewables not Radioactive ' forum held in the Port Augusta in October 2015
Dave Sweeney, Enice Marsh, Gillian Marsh, Barbara Shaw, Richard Evans
31 Oct 2015
The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance: defending country together
Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Enis Marsh, Gillian Marsh, Margaret Brown, Robert Fulton, Emily Austin, Curtis Taylor, Dave Sweeney, Mr Glen Cooke, Barb Shaw, Mitch, Winiata, Libby Carmody, Adam Sharah, Avon Hudson, Nat Wasley and Jim Green
Black Mist Burnt Country touring exhibition (in development) commemorating the 60th anniversary of the British atomic test series at Maralinga, South Australia.
JD Mittmann, Warren Paul & Paul Ogier
Crunch, Kado Muir, Mils, Reuben, Opal
The dirt on Pine Gap, the morality of drones and the 2005 citizen's inspection.
Richard Tanter, Scott Burchill, Sean O'Reilly
This week features Tauto Sansbury (2015 NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award) reporting back on a meeting between 16 Traditional Owner groups in South Australia and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission. Followed up by some recordings from a panel discussion at the Environmental Film Festival's Melbourne screening of the documentary on radiation and nuclear waste, 'Containment', featuring Dave Sweeney (Nuclear Free campaigner with ACF and Dr.Margaret Beavis (President of MAPW).
Guests: Tauto Sansbury, Dave Sweeney & Margaret Beavis. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Nuclear themes in pop culture
Gem Romuld, Lucy Hancock, AC Hunter, Michael Broderick
Looking at the condescending and insidious ways that Cameco buys social license for its uranium mining operations.
Marius Paul, Candyce Paul, Jim Harding, Debbie Mihalicz
A window into the impact of the uranium mining industry in northern Saskatchewan, dominated by Cameco.
Candyce Paul, Marius Paul, Jim Harding and Kirsten Scansen
Yukiyo Kawano creates life size replicas of the 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' nuclear bombs dropped by the US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago. One of these artworks, sewn from her grandmother's kimono's and her own hair, featured in 'Ten Minutes to Midnight' - a multimedia exhibition in Brisbane. The exhibition is a showcase of collaborative works from atomic survivor communities and artists as part of Nuclear Futures. Program manager Ellise Barkly brings us the details of this initiative.
Guests: Yukiyo Kawano & Ellise Barkly. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Peace Pagodas counter the military in American North West
Emma Kefford, Senji Kanaida
From 27th June to the 6th July, Friends of the Earth's Radioactive Exposure Tour 2015 travelled through NSW and SA, exposing participants to the realities of 'radioactive racism' and the environmental and social impacts of uranium mining, atomic testing, radioactive waste disposal, and the push for nuclear expansion. Two of the tour organisers Hannah Walters and Jemila Rushton join us for a report-back and we hear an excerpt of a recording from the tour featuring Bilbo Taylor and Gem Romuld.
Guests: Jemila Rushton, Hannah Walters, Bilbo Taylor, Gem Romuld. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembered
Tilman Ruff
Featuring interviews with Ammon Russell of the Navajo nation and Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement
Ammon Russell, Dennis Banks
There are two debates considering the storage of nuclear waste in Australia that we look at in this show, the Federal Government's search for a national dump site for Australia's waste and South Australia's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission that is considering the importation of international high level waste.
Sue Coleman Hasseldine, Nat Wasley, Clayton Lewis, Jim Green.
There are two debates considering the storage of nuclear waste in Australia that we look at in this show, the Federal Government's search for a national dump site for Australia's waste and South Australia's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission that is considering the importation of international high level waste.
Sue Coleman Hasseldine, Nat Wasley, Clayton Lewis, Jim Green.
Anitra Nelson introduces the Environmental Justice Atlas and Nat Lowrey talks about the Stop LYNAS campaign.
Anitra Nelson and Nat Lowrey speaking with Michaela Stubbs.
We celebrate the one year anniversary of the win against a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station and the news that Energy Resources of Australia will not be pursuing an extension of uranium mining in Kakadu with the Ranger 3 Deeps project.
Guests: Dianne Stokes, Isobell Phillips, Lauren Mellor and dave Sweeney. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Two activists in the Catholic Worker movement share with us how they live lives of simplicity, perform works of mercy and resist war in a country where the military is the number 1 employer.
Sister Mary Denis Lentsch and Steve Baggarly
Greenland overturned a ban on uranium mining in a controversial parliamentary vote in 2013, and an Australian company has been leading the charge for a uranium mine at Kvanefjeld. Sara Olsvig, opposition leader in the Greenland parliament Inuit Ataqatigiit speaks against it. Hilu Tagoona is from Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada- and represents 'The People of Nunavut Can Rise Up'. The Nunavut Impact Review Board recently made a decision that shelves French company, Areva's, plans to mine at Kiggavik, near Baker Lake.
Sara Olsvig and Hilu Tagoona
40 years of anti-nuclear campaigning short reflections, and Barb Shaw at the World Uranium Symposium in Quebec City, Canada
Ania Anderst, Jim Green, John Langer, Mia Pepper, Cat Beaton, Barbara Shaw
16 May 2015
Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero on Guam
Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero
Part 2 of an interview with Don Hancock on the radioactive release at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico, USA. Anica Niepraschk brings us up to date on the Federal Governement's search for a national radioactive waste dump site in Australia.
Don Hancock, Anica Niepraschk
Business and government seeking short-term profit are distancing themselves further from their responsibility to safeguard radioactive materials from endangering life on earth. Lauren Mellor (Environment Centre of the Northern Territory) brings us an update on the Ranger uranium mine and Kumar Sundaram (Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace in India) talks about developments in the negotiations for a nuclear deal between Australia and India.
Guests: Lauren Mellor, Kumar Sundaram. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs
Throughout April 2015, Footprints for Peace are walking, cycling and running from Oak ridge Tennessee, the site of the manufacture of the first nuclear bomb, to New York City for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) review, an event which occurs only once every five years.
Jim Toren, Ralph Hutchison, Dr Farhang Jahanpour
Nuclear-free campaigners Dr.Jim Green (Friends of the Earth and WISE International) and Karina Lester (Yankunytjatjara and Aboriginal Language Worker with Uni of SA) join the show this week to take a closer look at what we can expect to be investigated and the issues and ideas that we will have to work hard to ensure make it into the inquiry.
Guests: Karina Lester & Dr.Jim Green. Presenter: Michaela Stubbs.
Creative Dissent: dwell among these thoughts on the nuclear industry, sacred land and the movements that inspire us from poets fresh and seasoned.
Isobel Phillips, Livinthefinite, Dave Sweeney, Beth Hill, Alex McInnes, Greg, Taeko, Adam Sharah.
Tilman Ruff's powerful essay on the global implications of nuclear weapons.
Tilman Ruff