Photo of banners on the state library steps featuring the main one: 25,000 homeless, 80,000 empty homes in big text (in small text 35,000 in limbo on public housing waiting lists +100 every month). There are two other banners in the background, one has the Aboriginal flag and sovereignty never ceded as part of its text.
21 Aug 2022
Iris with Jasmine and Nic
14 Aug 2022
Sasja Sÿdek & Latoya Hoeg + Robin Chandla
Yi-Lynn in front of palms with her hands behind her head, photo by Luke Cafarella on top of picture and on bottom half is Up close photo of Lilahk's face with impeccable makeup and wearing a sweater
31 Jul 2022
Iris with Yi-Lynn and Lilahk
24 Jul 2022
Sasja Sydek & Georgie Yovanovic
3 Jul 2022
Sasja and Iris with Dawn, Emma and Frankie
19 Jun 2022
Jacob with Sasja and Iris, and Amy, Dawn