Bendigo Street

Sunday, 21 August 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Photo of banners on the state library steps featuring the main one: 25,000 homeless, 80,000 empty homes in big text (in small text 35,000 in limbo on public housing waiting lists +100 every month). There are two other banners in the background, one has the Aboriginal flag and sovereignty never ceded as part of its text.

First, get behind the Dhadjowa foundation, providing material support for Aboriginal families grappling with deaths in custody.


Next we turn to reflecting on housing justice with the 2016 Bendigo Street protests. We hear from Jasmine Barzani, an Iranian Kurdish troublemaker and filmmaker who has produced the short film Bendigo Street (launch link) and is crowdraising to turn it into a full feature. Listen to the Homeless in Hoteles series, follow @BendigoSt (Instagram), join the forum for dwelling justice, join in the Homes Not Prisons campaign and check out her piece on abolition in Overland.


Later in the show, we hear from genderqueer troublemaker Nic, another participant in the Bendigo Street campaign.



  • Alice Skye - Melbourne
  • Beyonce - Summer Renaissance
  • June Jones (ft Katie Dey) - If Only
  • Thelma Plum - If it Rains it Pours
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