Victoria Pride Street Party 2024

Sunday, 11 February 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

The previous Sunday was a momentous occasion that called for a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Ãdaraya, James (In Ya Face), and Sasja for their invaluable contributions to our successful outside live broadcast. Stepping out onto the bustling streets of Victoria’s Pride Street Party 2024, Sasja and Ãdaraya conducted interviews that delved into thought-provoking questions, capturing the raw and unfiltered voices of the people. As a community radio station, 3CR stayed true to its radical ethos by embracing the diverse range of responses during Sunday’s Vox Pop, appreciating and respecting each individual’s opinion, regardless of any divergence from our own. Our unwavering dedication to amplifying the voices of Queer BIPOC and Trans Women of Colour was our primary focus, and we are proud to have achieved this meaningful objective.

The energy and enthusiasm of the live broadcast were palpable as Sasja and Ãdaraya fearlessly engaged with the community, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Victoria’s Pride Street Party 2024. The remarkable variety of responses and perspectives shared during the interviews illuminated the rich tapestry of voices within the community, strengthening our commitment to championing inclusivity and representation. The profound impact of this broadcast resonated with our audience and reinforced the importance of providing a platform for marginalised voices. With the unwavering support of our dedicated team and the invaluable contributions of all involved, the success of this live broadcast stands as a testament to the power of community engagement and the enduring impact of authentic storytelling.


Podcast was edited by James McKenzie from In Ya Face



You're Makin' Me High by Toni Braxton 

T4T by Bobby Sanchez