Trans Women & Men Behavioral Change

Sunday, 10 September 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

In this episode of Queering The Air, Sasja, Anastasia, and Ethan will delve into the topic of behavioral changes in transgender individuals. They will share their personal experiences regarding mood changes on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and how it can affect their behavior. It is crucial to clarify that they are not seeking to justify or excuse any aggression displayed by transgender people on HRT.

Can HRT cause personality changes? Not every trans women experiences significant emotional changes, but those who do often report: an increased or decreased ability to cry, an increase or decrease in irritability, feeling more confident and happy as they become more comfortable in their body. Research indicates that trans men undergoing testosterone treatments may experience psychological changes during their medical transition. Many trans men report feeling more self-assured but also slightly more prone to aggression compared to before starting hormone therapy. However, there is no room for making excuses regarding your misconduct while undergoing HRT. It is essential to recognize that your misogynistic behavior originates from within. 

Anastasia Rose Le  is a seasoned leader in LGBTIQA+ advocacy, whose work also expands in forcibly displaced, domestic and intimate violence. Anastasia is passionate about challenging systemic barriers to provide platforms for voices are not heard. She is a Joyster, an advisory member for Transfemme; a contributing writer of Nothing to Hide. She is also a returning judge for Victorian Pride Awards. One of her current projects is focusing on building inclusive network to assist and support people of intersectionality obtain and sustain employment. The other is providing safety strategies for diverse people in Victorian Western metro regions. She’s started her HrT journey since September 2015 and has not looked back!

Ethan, in search of liberation, a transgender man hailing from Malaysia displayed tremendous bravery by seeking refuge in Melbourne - Narrm, Australia. In Malaysia, where transgender individuals, especially within Muslim communities, do not receive legal recognition, Ethan was able to navigate the challenges and access black market hormones to aid in his transition. However, upon arriving in Melbourne - Narrm, Ethan encountered other transgender men who aided him in obtaining legal hormones from a healthcare professional. In this more accepting and inclusive society, Ethan discovered solace and happiness. Finally, he is able to fully embrace his authentic self, live without pretense, and exercise his right to express who he truly am. Melbourne - Narrm has transformed into a sanctuary where he can thrive without fear of judgment, allowing him to freely explore his identity.


Sunday 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Critically engaged queer commentary.


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