No More: Gender Based Violence

Sunday, 28 April 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
no more gender based violence

Enough is enough! The prevalence of violence must cease immediately. In the latest installment of Queering The Air, Sasja is accompanied by Rebeckah Loveday & Caroline McGuiness to discuss strategies for eradicating gender-based violence. Shockingly, 26 lives of women in Australia have been tragically lost this year alone, with the year not even halfway through. The urgency of this situation demands immediate action. It is a clarion call to the government to elevate the issue of gender-based violence to a national emergency status, allocating substantial resources to properly support initiatives combating domestic violence, family violence, and sexual violence.

Sasja and guests united at The State Library Naarm to march against gender-based violence organised by What Were You Wearing: Sunday, April 28th, State Library, 10am before to headed to the studio for the live conversation.

What do women need from the goverment now?

  • accountability
  • Consequences
  • Resources
  • Structural Change
  • Tougher Law

Literal violence comes in many forms beyond physical actions. It can manifest through emotional manipulation, verbal abuse, financial abuse, psychological intimidation, and societal oppression. These non-physical forms of violence have a profound impact on an individual's well-being and can often leave lasting scars that are not visible to the naked eye. Addressing and recognising these various forms of violence is crucial in fostering a safer and more compassionate society.

Rebeckah Loveday: @rebeckahloveday

Rebeckah Loveday (she/her) is a Melbourne/Naarm based actor, model, presenter and transgender advocate. Co-founder of Trans Pride March Melbourne & Trans Sisters United, Board Member of Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Advisory Committee Member of Transfemme.
Rebeckah currently works within the family violencec space, advocating for people within the LGBTIQA+ community. Rebeckah is a proud women of transgender experience and strongly believes in using her voice and platform, to raise awareness on the plight against trans and gender diverse people around the world. 

Caroline McGuinness: @thewhycampaignblog

Caroline McGuinness is a qualified Social Worker, with over 23 years combined career expertise working on the frontline, in community, with people from diverse backgrounds across the lifespan. She is a survivor of sexual assault herself, that informs and drives her to be committed to work in the challenging spaces she does to creating positive collaborative needs-based sustainable social change. She has been the force and Founder behind several visionary social impact initiatives, including Stories of Resilience and the W.H.Y (We Hear You) Campaign, a digital campaign, that was born out of the covid-pandemic lockdowns of 2020. That began here in Narram /Melbourne to raise National to global public awareness about Gendered Based Violence /Family Domestic abuse/ Intimate Partner Violence, and to collaboratively be part of the solution to ultimately see an end to fatalities. Caroline is also a dynamic coach, mentor, advocate, and emerging speaker. She is purpose-driven, with a desire to positively impact and help transform the lives of others. She is passionate about womxn's empowerment, embedding wellbeing /self-care policy and practices in the workplace to prevent and manage burnout of first responders and much needed social workers, upholding basic human rights, and systemic and structural societal change for a safer, equal, and just future for the next generation. 



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