Artist: Lane Milburn

Sunday, 2 July 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Our talented new co-host, Shehrazade made their debut on Queering The Air. They has the opportunity to engage in a conversation with an  artist, Lane Milburn. Additionally, they provided updates on the happenings of NOIDOC WEEK at the 3CR radio station, as well as the various events taking place in and around Narrm. 

Lane Milburn

A working artist by day, and a sleepless writer by night, Lane Milburn is a full-time multidisciplinarian. Lane works as a tattoo artist, preserving his painting, illustration, and writing as mostly private pursuits, that see light of day on his terms with exhibitions and spoken word performances. In tattooing, Lane is both wizard and witness to transformation, setting standards for inclusion, consent, and body positivity. Studio rules: Come as you are. Leave whenever you like. In his personal practice, Lane explores themes of home, identity, and metaphysics, rejecting palatable storytelling in favour of dreamlike visual art, prose, poetry, and prickery. Fuelled by caffeine and chained to a desk at night, every bio he writes about himself in the third person is closer to a cry for help of someone held hostage by commas than it is a description of who he is. He spent too long in the closet to be put in any box.

Photo by Valentin Zhmodikov






Sah sah by Nancy ajram and marshmellow 

Got weird by Dodie 

James Dean by kairokee 

Pink light by MUNA 




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