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Fire Up MUA is events and issues in the Maritime industry, politics and community. Presented by 3CR affiliate the Maritime Union of Australia. Alternates fortnightly with the Plumbers Union of Australia.


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11 April
Jeff Hoy and Melissa McMullen

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 Anzac Day today, and a good way to remember our heroes of yesteryear is with a song called Compulsory Hero from the Australian Band 1927.

After the song, a little bit of discussions in the show about the upcoming elections, and later we discuss the impact on the family dynamics due to the Industry we work in.

Sadly, there is an epidemic of relationship breakdowns due to the difficulties imposed on our members working in a 24/7 Industry be it by sleep depravation or isolation as contributing factors towards mood swings, although we need to be more mindful when negotiating EA's in the future about quality of life, and fatigue management, as it's not always about the almighty $$$'s.

We welcome back Melissa from Holidays and move into other areas of discussion, which true to form for the show, could, and does, take us anywhere, and we sincerly apologise for it.