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Brothers, and Sisters.

Not sure about the first 12 seconds of music, although rumour has it, it was from a Liberal Rave party where nobody attended.

Or, it could have been a distraction from us to divert the attention of Legals from one of the employer groups trying to sue our union, "again" as I think it's become a Liberal Sport of "Pin the fine on the Union".

Anyhow, once we move past our Union song, we move towards an education on Fuel security, and how the Liberals have left us exposed with only 3 weeks of fuel supply in stock.

The Liberals main focus has been about removing MUA Labour off the 12 Fuel Tankers that sailed our Coast since 2000. This number is now down to "ZERO", so job well done you knuckle heads.

What this means is that of the 677 Tankers that visited Australia in 2017, not one was owned, managed or crewed by Australians.

The Liberals have taken their eyes off the road, and sadly we're being driven by a "Thelma and Louise" Government.


We talk about what strange bedfellows the Liberal Government and Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) make,  as the Liberals try and put as many Landmines in the way of change as they possibly can before they pack up and leave in May.

Now lets go for a walk down Factual Lane based on the strange bedfellows scenario.

AMMA opposed the merger of the CFMEU and MUA before the succesfull merger took place on March 27th 2018.

AMMA lodged an appeal on the approved merger of the Unions to the Full Federal Court, and to this day are still trying to wind the amalgamation back. 

Liberal Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations Kelly O'Dwyer in September 2018, "Captain's Picked" former FWC Vice President Graeme Watson to advise her on Industrial Relations.

Greame Watson was originally a partner for law firm Freehills, and previously worked for AMMA in the 80's. 

Last week the Government appointed 6 new Deputy Presidents and a Commissioner to the FWC which takes their number to 20 hand picked Liberal appointments in succession with Employer background.

Their terms of employment are from the date of commencement, until the appointees reach the retirement age of 65, so good luck if you're unfairly dismissed as the odds are stacked in the employer favour.

This is why we had the 2 rallys through the streets of Melbourne this year to "Change the Rules" becasue they're not only broken, they're bloody shattered?


One of Kelly O'Dywer's appontments has experience previously as NSW State Manager for AMMA, and has Industrial Relations Manager experience.

Another of Kelly O'Dyers picks was employed as the director of Workplace Relations and Legal Council for the AMMA since 2016.

Prior to joining AMMA, she was a Senior Associate and Solictor at Freehills. 


Why this is imporant is that in February 2017, the Fair Work Commission ordered a cut to Sunday and public holiday penalty rates in the retail, pharmacy, fast food and hospitality industries.

It is important to every union member, and every other employee that are sponging of the Unions achievements to wisen up.

This is why this Federal Government needs to be smacked out of Government by a large majority in May 2019 by the length of the straight.


Further to the above, we have a report back on Industry news, as well as some song requests from a Scott from Canberra " Running on Empty", a Malcolm from Canberra "How Far We've Come" and a Tony from Canberra " Unwell",  and we close out with "Summer Love" as we approach the Holiday period.


Stay safe, Stay sane, and we will see you in the new year.

Luv from FU!