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Fire Up MUA is events and issues in the Maritime industry, politics and community. Presented by 3CR affiliate the Maritime Union of Australia. Alternates fortnightly with the Plumbers Union of Australia.

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6 June
Jeff Hoy and Melissa McMullen

About Fire Up Maritime Union of Australia


On what may possibly be our 2nd last show "EVER" as we approach the finishing line of the MUA Quadrennial Elections for 2019, we ask that you take the time to listen to the show.

If you want to leave a message regarding the show, just send a message to 0438 949 503 be it hateful, helpful, pocket dialled, or my Mum calling again.

The show was set up by Mel and myself in 2015 to go in a different direction. The objective was to attract mainstream listeners if they channel surfed and ended up listening to us between the hours of  630am, and 7am every 2nd Thursday.

We wanted to tap ino the general public outside of our MUA Fishbowl who may channel surf , while still swimming in our fishbowl. 

This meant the music selection would always journey back to an easier time when we were raised at the time by Music shows like Countdowm, Sounds Unlimited and Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage, Rageeeee!!!!!! 

Anyhow, todays show starts off about getting off the "I never liked Bill" train.

The reality is, Clive Palmer could have got Jesus Christ killed on a Monday, had the rock removed on the Wednesday, just so Clive doesn't have to pay Weekend penalty rates for Easter he's so self absorbed in wealth. 

Clive has a long reach in Politics, and he knew the demographic of Australian people with low concentration levels.

He chose the right medium through the gospel according to Politics which is "TELEVISION".

It's not like he attempted to Part the sea at Bowen for people to to be employed by Adani in QLD.

Although anything is beleivable in that State if there's $60 Million sitting in Clives console of his car, ready to be invested in advertising. 


Our song selection for todays show are "Don't Lie"- Black Eyed Peas (9th Commandment reference), "Things don't seem"- Australian Crawl ( Jeff's Health issues), "Hammer to Fall"- (Quadrennial elections), and "F*** You"- Lily Allen ( 3 more years of Liberals. I needed to vent and this song captures my vent)