World Kindness Day, Victoria's inaccessible trams, managing trauma exposure and surviving institutional abuse (part 2)

Monday, 13 November 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Welcome back to another edition of Monday Breakfast with Grace Tan, James Tait and Rob Harrison. 

Grace speaks with Prof Catherine Crock AM, a long-time doctor at the Royal Children Hospital Melbourne since 1994, discussing World Kindness Day, and the Gathering of Kindness, a series of online events happening throughout the week, about building, nurturing and instilling culture of kindness in the healthcare system. The Gathering of Kindness 2023 is being held in two parts this year - in person on Sunday 29 October and a week of online events from Monday 13 – Friday 17 November 2023.

She also interviewed Dr Erin Smith, CEO of DART Centre Asia Pacific, discussing today's 'Managing Trauma Exposure' event, what it means to report on trauma as a journalist and the impacts we face. Bookmark at Walkey Foundation Youtube channel to watch on demand later. 

Then both Rob and James dived into inaccessible trams across both Sydney Road and Melbourne as a whole with Alicia Lilley - a campaigner with the Sydney Road Accessible Tram Stops Now campaign who has a lived experience of disability. The campaign is presenting its petition to Tim Reid MP on Wednesday the 15th November at 12:30pm on the steps of the State Parliament. Passers-by will be encouraged to play 'The Tram Stop is Right' to get an idea of just how inaccessible the state's tram network is. 

Finally, we heard the final two parts of Rob's exclusive interview with Louise - a Forgotten Australian and victim and survivor of institutional abuse. In this part she's joined by JR Hewitt, the media and communications officer for the Renters and Housing Union. The three of them went into detail about Louise's forced eviction, the damage to her property, and the specific conditions which have created the housing crisis this so-called Australia finds itself in. You can find a petition to help Louise get her home back here

Songs played: 

Treat People With Kindness - Harry Styles
The More things Change - Kutcha Edwards