Transition of presidency in the Philippines, The Celtic Folk Show, an update on Lismore and Jullian Assange, Green Left

Monday, 4 July 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am

An update on the transition to the new president of the Philippines. Jan speaks with Peter Murphy, Human Rights activist for the Philippines about what changes the new presidency will bring to the country if any, communism, the connection between the Philippines and Central/South american politics.

Jan speaks with Anne McAllister from The Celtic Folk Show about the power of music, the Irish Diaspora and the cruelty of refugee policy in Australia. Hear more from Anne McAllister from 3- 4 Pm on a Tuesday afternoon on 3CR.

Jan speaks is joined by Prof Stuart Rees who is an Australian academic, human rights activist and founder of the Sydney Peace Foundation about the current situation in Lismore, a community still devastated by the floods and the inadequate government response in 2022. Stuart also gave us an update at the end there on Julian Assange.

The history of the Summit of the Americas with Fred Fuentes. Green Left's aim is to both help build movements of resistance as well as an anti-capitalist political alternative. By providing a space for progressive ideas and debates, linking issues, campaigns and activists