Surviving institutional abuse, saying 'Nup to the Cup', and this week's Pro-Palestine rally

Monday, 6 November 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am

This week Rob, James and Grace gathered round the microphones to bring listeners a diverse selection of radical news. 

We started off by playing Liz Walsh's speech from Sunday's Pro-Palestine rally which was recorded by Grace at the rally itself. Liz Walsh is a member of Victorian Socialists. 

Following that we revisited last week's conversation with Elio Celotto, founder of The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and the Nup to the Cup campaign, and long term animal activist about his introduction to animal activism, the highly successful Nup to the Cup campaign and the horse-racing industry in general. You can find more information about the realities of horse-racing here and alternatives to the Melbourne Cup here.

Last up is a 3CR exclusive interview: Rob interviewed Louise and their friend Sumi. Louise is a Forgotten Australia as well as a victim and survivor of institutional abuse. They spoke of Louise's forced eviction, the lead-up to it, and how the Victorian Government fails to protect vulnerable people by refusing to house them. This interview includes audio from the night police officers and at-least one security guard broke in to Louise's home to forcibly evict her followed by a constructed trespass charge. This audio could be distressing to listeners and as such is preceded by a warning so listeners can skip ahead if they need to. 

There is a petition for Louise's situation for listeners to sign here. To hear more of Louise's story and continue the fight for Housing Justice attend the Rally for Renters on the 11th of November on the corner of Smith and Gertrude Street, Fitzroy at 1pm. Alongside Louise, social media personality Purple Pingers, members of the Greens, Victorian Socialists, and the Renters and Housing Union will be speaking. Find more about the Rally for Renters here.

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