No Police at Pride, Families for Palestine outside Albo's office, the Sit-Intifada, and taxing Airbnbs

Monday, 19 February 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Welcome back to another episode of Monday Breakfast, broadcasted from the studios of 3CR in so-called Melbourne. 


Our first segment for this week is Mercedes Zanker of Uprise Radio speaking with Mohamed of The Sit Intifada on the first sitting day of Victorian Parliament of 2024, direct from the steps of Parliament House. 


On Thursday last week the NSW government released a discussion paper to allow for feedback on policy changes they see as potential fixes for the state’s housing crisis, specifically its lack of housing supply. Currently around 56,000 people are waiting for social housing in the state, with a shortfall of what the NSW government calls ‘221,000 social house dwellings’. We also know that in since 2019, advertised prices of long-term rentals increased by 38%; and that in December 2023, vacancy rates in Greater Sydney were at a mere 1.7%, below the decade’s average of 2.3%. Rob spoke with Harry Millward, General Secretary of the Renters and Housing Union to talk about if this approach could ease the housing crisis in that state. Join RAHU to collectively push for a world in which everyone has a home: 


Following that we hear a portion of Queering the Air's interview with 

Frank Gafa, a queer Aboriginal unionist, about the No Police at Pride campaign, the lack of engagement from VicPol in LGBTQI+ community issues, and a new community led pride happening next year. Find out more( on No Police in Pride, and sign the petition here( Follow the campaign on Instagram @no_police_at_pride 


Lastly Grace speaks with Sara Shaweesh, initiator of the Families for Palestine ongoing action outside Prime Minister Albanese's office, bringing her Palestinian heritage to the forefront as a powerful advocate against the genocide in Palestine. She's also the founder of Khamsa Eatery in Sydney's inner west, Sara commitments extends beyond her restaurant to amplify the collective call for a Free Palestine. 

Event Details:
Location: 334A Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
Start Date and Time: Sunday, 11th February 2024, 6pm
Duration: Ongoing

How You Can Support:
Join the Sit-in: Attend the vigil at any time to show your support for peace and justice.
Media Coverage: Journalists and media outlets are invited to cover this peaceful demonstration
and bring attention to the urgent issues at hand.
Social Media: Share updates and use the hashtags #KibbutzAlbo #CampForCeasefire
#FamiliesForPalestine to amplify the message.


Rob and Grace also gave an update on Camp Sovereignty's events for the week, the info for which you can find on the Black People's Union (@blackpeoplesunion) and Old Country Calling ( Instagram pages. 

They ended the show with breaking news from Bayswater -- a number of activists have successfuly shut down a known F-35 striker jet parts manufacturer from operating this morning. Support is needed to help continue the shutdown at Rosebank Engineering, 836 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater. 

Songs played: 
9-5 - Dolly Parton 
Back to Black - Amy Winehouse 
Meditjin (Feat JessB) - Baker Boy