Free Palestine Melbounre explain discuss human right violations, PNG election may give Bougainville Independence, Independent party influence in recent Australian election

Monday, 13 June 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am


Melissa Yvonne from Free Palestine Melbourne (FPM) joins Jan with an update about events. The international human rights lawyer and Palestinian activist explains the violation of human rights in the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. As the conflict continues and segregates Palestinians in Israeli territory. She explains that Israel continues to isolate Palestine through colonization. The Library mentioned is at 667 Rathdowne St Carlton.


Story of a peace activist in Bougainville supporting the struggle for independence. Vikki John speaks with Jan about the history of the Panguna mine and other events since 1975 and how the upcoming July election in PNG may change the course of history and finally gibe Bougainville their independence from PNG. More from Vikki: 


Binoy Kampmark on the rise of Independents in the recent federal election.  They discuss Labour and Liberal promises, how the new elected party will work with Independents. They question Albanese’s position on topics such as Israel and Julian Assage. Binoy explains it is an exciting time for Australian politics, where policies have a genuine chance to change. ARTICLE: The great Teal Tsunami.