Credibility of Channel 9's AI-altered photo, ICJ order rebuts denial & binding with "Israel must", protest outside Egypt Consulate for its support of Israel, Camp Sovereignty

Monday, 12 February 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Free Palestine protest outside Egypt Consulate

Channel Nine has recently been defending itself against accusations it intentionally altered a photo of Animal Justice Party MP Georgie Purcell to make it more revealing. The news organisation claimed the edit was not a human error but rather due to AI’s automation within Photoshop. Rob sat down with Dr TJ Thomson, senior lecturer at RMIT, to see how credible Channel Nine’s claim is.


Recently, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an order rebutting Israel's denials, with the binding of its "Israel must". Grace spoke with Dr Awni Etaywe, a linguistics lecturer at Charles Darwin University discussing the ongoing ICJ's South Africa-Israel court case, looking at the linguistic aspect of the binding with "Israel must", and the prejudice Israel claims with this decision. 

Dr Etaywe is also a forensic linguistic researcher, focusing on terrorism, incitement to hatred, radicalisation and genocide, and digital deviance. He was a former United Nations expert on missions and observer of human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Later today (February 12) a protest will be held outside the Egyptian consulate to protest the country’s complicity in Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Rob spoke with Mohammad Helmy, a former board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria and a Greens member to examine how Egypt is complicit and how it benefits from supporting Israel’s killing spree.

Protest Against Egpyt's Complicity 

When: February 12, 12 pm 

Where: 50 Market St, Melbourne CBD 

How to show support? 

Please attend to show your support for a free Palestine if you can. This GoFundMe has been set up to urgently raise funds to help Mohammed Masri evacuate his children out of Gaza:


Lastly, we played a segment from last week’s Bunjil’s Fire show hosted by Uncle Robbie Thorpe which was broadcast from Camp Sovereignty. Camp Sovereignty is open to all and has a range of events throughout the week, including dinners at 7 pm and smoking ceremonies at 8:30 PM every day. For more information, check out the Black People’s Union or Old Country Calling Instagram pages.