Australia harbours perpetrators of atrocities? , Radio wave tunes bacteria for life-saving medicines, UN Special Rapporteur's visit to the Philippines, Ethics of Family Vlogging

Monday, 4 March 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Family Vlogging

Last week a joint investigation by the ABC and the Guardian exposed that two men who were allegedly involved in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda are wanted for questioning in Rwanda. The Australian Centre for International Justice released a paper in response arguing that Australia has become a safe haven for perpetrators of atrocities. The ACIJ is a not-for-profit legal centre focused on enhancing accountability pathways within Australia for victims of serious human rights violations. Last year they released a policy paper titled “Challenging Impunity: Why Australia Needs a Permanent, Specialised International Crimes Unit”. Rob talked to senior lawyer Melissa Chen to talk more about whether Australia is harbouring perpetrators of atrocities and how the country can hold these alleged perpetrators of atrocities to account.


Scientists from Australia and the United States have found a new way to alter the DNA of bacterial cells to make medicines such as insulin in a much more efficient way compared to current techniques. Rob and Grace spoke with the lead author of the study documenting the technology, Dr. Tharushi Perera.


We also played an excerpt of Jan Bartlett's interview with human rights activist Peter Murphy about the recent visit to the Philippines by the UN Special Rappator, Dr Irene Khan from the Tuesday Hometime show. You can listen to the full interview and more from Jan Bartlett on the Tuesday Hometime show from 4 till 6 pm.


Recently, 42-year-old mother and family YouTube creator Ruby Franke was sentenced to 30 years in prison for child abuse. Joining me this morning is Edith Hill, associate lecturer in Learning and Teaching innovation at Flinders University, her research typically explores health and wellness life narratives online, with a specific focus on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. We're going to be diving deep into the ethics of family vlogging.



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