Greater Gliders, NGV Kids' Festival, Literary Studies funding, teenage drinking

Monday, 10 January 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Greater Glider

Monday 10 January 2022 with Caitlin & Evan

Felicity Law from Kinglake Friends of the Forest spoke to us about the campaign to save the Greater Gliders from logging in the Central Highlands and East Gippsland. You can donate to KFF's Chuffed campaign to cover their legal costs, visit their Facebook page, Twitter and website to find out more about the campaign. //

Steph Pohlman, Youth and Families Coordinator at the National Gallery Victoria spoke to us about the NGV Kids' Festival plus other events and activities running through the summer. //

Dr Julianne Lamond, Senior Lecturer at Australia National University chatted about her article in The Conversation detailing the precarious position literary studies is facing with the Government's current approach to research funding in the humanities. //

Associate Professor Sarah MacLean from Latrobe University discussed her research and international studies that indicate a significant decline in teenage drinking across the world. //



Eilish Gilligan - Up All Night

John Teskey & Ash Grunwald - Thinking 'Bout Myself

Playwrite - Animals Housed

John Hiatt - Feels Like Rain

Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles - Happy Days