Reforestation in Tasmania, World AIDS Day, migrant-women owned business, iPod's 20th Anniversary

Monday, 6 December 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Vivien Langford spoke to Peg Putt - Former leader of the Tasmanian Greens about the community's capacity for reforestation.//

Jacob spoke with Richard Keane, CEO of Living Positive Victoria, about World AIDS Day, recent challenges and successes of people living with AIDS, and ways that governments, communities, and individuals can support people living with AIDS. For more information on Living Positive, visit the website.//

Caitlin spoke with Ridhima Sachdeva who runs Hemera Labs, part of The She Club, a collective of migrant-women owned businesses that have just opened in Collingwood.//

Evan spoke with Dr Stuart James about the 20th anniversary of the iPod - it's connection with music streaming and what lies ahead for the way we listen to our favourite tunes.//