The Raucus Anti AUKUS Caucus, Anti Vax Rallies, and Intersex Human Rights

Monday, 11 October 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Intersex Rights: Our Bodies, Our Rights.

Monday Breaky October 11th

with Jacob //


7.00AM: We bring you a special feature - the Raucus Anti-AUKUS Caucus which was hosted by Renegade Activists on Thursday October 7 .The caucus featured a panel discussion on what the AUKUS alliance between Australia, the UK, and the US really means for Australia. Speakers included Jacob Grech, Guy Rundle, Clinton Fernandes, Dimity Hawkins, Dave Sweeney, Talei Mangioni & Scott Ludlam. There is a further action session being organised for Nov 4th. For more details, go to

8.00AM: Stick Together reports on the Anti-Vax Rallies that happened outside the CFMEU Building. A first hand account delivered by Campo and Gorilla from Concrete Gang on 3CR. //

8.15AM: Jacob speaks with Cody Smith, Senior Project Officer at Intersex Human Rights Australia about the intersex rights movement, and proposed changes in Victoria's laws for intersex medical interventions.