Students Strike 4 Climate, Errininundra Alla Turka Logging, and a Historic Win for Climate

Monday, 7 June 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Monday Breakfast 7 June 2021

with Kannagi and Jacob\\

Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome\\

Highlights from Students Strike  
Vivien Langford brings us Highlights from the recent national SCHOOL STRIKE 4 CLIMATE. Vivien started the journey at Sydney's Pitt St Uniting Church...

  • Sydney's Pitt St Uniting Church with their support for the recent School Strike
  • Pacifica Youth leaders We are Not Drowning - We are Fighting
  • Allen Hicks  - National Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union speaking there at the recent student strike for climate in Sydney.
  • Gamillaraay Next Generation:Patrick Rudd.  SONG:
  • GET UP! - Millie and Bondi Junction Volunteers who engaged the public in conversations about GAS \\

Errinundra_Alla Turca 02 Jun 2021
Ella Tooms speaks with Chris Schuringa from the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) about the recent win for the Alla Turca coupe in Errinundra- an injunction came through and logging has stopped.\\

Dirt Radio 01 Jun 2021
Sam Cossar-Gilbert from Friends of the Earth joins Phil Evans from Dirt Radio to talk about a historic win that holds the Shell corporation liable for causing dangerous climate change.\\



Little Sunflower by Dorothy Ashby

If It Glitters Its Gold by Dallas Woods

Everyone is Watching by Ajak Kwai

Better Days by  Dallas Woods, Baker Boy, Sampa the Great

Pacific Climate Warrior from