Refugee Solidarity Action, Global Response to COVID 19, Queer Sisterhood Project

Monday, 25 May 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7:00am Acknowledgement of Country

7:10am Paddy speaks with Rilka from Refugee Solidarity Action in Meanjin Brisbane about the protests held at the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel, and the police response.

7:30am Ella speaks to an Associate Professor from the University of Sydney about the global reaction to the Coronavirus. Professor  Adam Kamradt-Scott’s research looks into how governments and multilateral organisations react to events like pandemics.

7:55am MV from Queering the Air speaks with Tina Dixson and Renee Dixson about the Queer Sisterhood Project a refugee-led and peer-run support and advocacy group aimed to provide a space of community and belonging to queer refugee women.

 Tina and Renee have been together for a decade now, not only as a couple but partners in activism, and everything they do. They both have a lived experience as queer refugee women. Currently, they are both PhD Candidates at the Australian National University and are advocates for the rights and inclusion of LGBTIQA+ people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

 MV begins by giving us more detail around the Queer Sisterhood Project, and talks in more detail about a video animation put together by Tina and Renee, showing the stories from refugee women, about their experiences, their reality, their sexuality and gender. 

 You can listen to the full interview on the Queering the Air 3CR page at



Rally Round the Drum - Archie Roach featuring Paul Kelly

Boom - Ngairre