US Right to Life activism in NSW, Moral responsibility for Australia's 'exported' emissions, ACT legalises growing small amounts of cannabis, Walk for Epilepsy, Connecting with the Melbourne International Arts Festival

Monday, 30 September 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am
7:00   Acknowledgement of Country
7:15   Dr Prudence Flowers from Flinders University tells us how the US Right to Life movement is shaping the abortion debate in Australia. 
 7:30  Prof Jeremy Moss from the University of New South Wales on moral accountability for climate change and why Australia's mining giants are accessory to the crime
7:45  Growing cannibis at home is now legal in the ACT. Prof Nicole Lee from Curtin University discusses 'What now?'
 8:00  Walk for Epilepsy-Why it matters; how it helps with Graeme Shears, CEO Epilepsy Foundation of Australia.
8:15  Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Arts Festival tells us about the work of creating a festival and how the theme of connection underpins this year's program.
Artist                            Song
Oetha                           Sista Girl
Anouar Brahem             Le Pas du Chat Noir 
The Dregs                     You and Me