Monday Breakfast Jan 14 2019 - Camps for Kids who need a Break; Organisational Approaches to Anti-Fascist Rallies; ScoMo's plans for Oz Day Citizenship Crack Down; Minus18 bring the Youth to Midsumma.

Monday, 14 January 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Anti-Fash March, Jan 2019

7am Acknowledgement of country 

7:10am Kumari from Doxa talks about the need for educational camps for young people who could use a break, the use of education and nurturing to combat inequality, and alternative pathways to university and TAFE.


Song: Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City (Not in Podcast)

7:24am Cork Edwards, a Wiradjuri woman and life long activist joins us to talk about appraoches to confronting fascists at recent rallies in Melbourne.


Song: AB Original – Dumb Things (Not in Podcast)


7:45am Alternative news: laws banning Uber Driver drivers from taking jobs and Trump shuts down the government.


8:00am Dei Phillips, founder and admin of Blackfulla Revolution speaks about Oz government plan to force councils to hold citizenship events on January 26and racists undercurrents in Oz discourse.


8:15am Tony Lee, General Manager of Minus18, talks about young LGBTIQ+ safe spaces at Midsumma festival and what is coming up for Minus18 in 2019.