Monday Breakfast - December 10 2018 - Sorry to Bother You, Yellow Vests show strength, Vic Gov ignoring Public Housing, Homeless Perspective, Racist China Baiting in Oz.

Monday, 10 December 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7am Acknowledgment of country 

7:02am Alternative news: New Film by Boots Rielly 'Sorry to Bother You", Yellow Vests turn on NeoLiberal Price Macron, Kids Strike for the Planet, International Day of Human Rights and Australia's Hypocricy. 

7:25am Song MIA Borders.

Song : Theme from “Sorry to Bother You” - The Coup.

7:30am Chris Breen from Refugee Action Collective on the plan to bring Children and seriously ill refugess off Nauru and Manus. 

Song: “So Solider” by #1 Dads.

7:50am OTW – Peter Davis reflects on the victorious Vic Gov's continued ignoring of housing issues in the state. 

8:00am Kelly from Roominations to talk about homeless and housing crisis perspectives on the state of housing in Victoria. 

8:15am Chinese Historian Shan Windscript reflects on a growing anti-Chinese sentiment in the USA and Australia, with China recently blamed for USA's opiod crisis and Oz Gov (through Clive Hamilton) suggesting all academics working on China are at risk of becoming foriegn agents.