10 Jun 2020
Shane speaks to Rebecca Walton about her survey of LGBTI older people and housing. Fiona talks about the latest Federal Govt announcement on housing stimulus
27 May 2020
Fiona talks to Kobi Maglen about HAAG's national work on housing and homelessness
13 May 2020
Fiona & Shane talk to Liam Davies from RMIT
22 Apr 2020
Shane and Fiona talk to housing worker Melis Cevik
8 Apr 2020
Shane and Fiona chat to HAAG residents of Independent Living Units about how they are coping with stage 3 COVID19 shutdowns
25 Mar 2020
Fiona talks to Ben Martin-Hobbs
11 Mar 2020
Shane and Pam talk to Jeff and April a
12 Feb 2020
Fiona and Leonie talk to Val Marshall
22 Jan 2020
Shane and Leonie talk to Gemma about the inquiry into homelessness