11 Nov 2020
Shane and Fiona
28 Oct 2020
Shane and Fiona hear from Tonye Segbedzi and Buzz Rainbow Wolf
14 Oct 2020
Shane introduces Commissioner Ro Allen, Joe Ball and Fiona York
23 Sep 2020
Fiona & Shane hear from Dr Emma Power (University of Western Sydney) and Helen Conway (YWCA)
9 Sep 2020
Fiona & Pam hear from Dr Kay Patterson and Kobi Maglen
26 Aug 2020
Shane and Fiona talk to Ereine Tsolidis-Nois
12 Aug 2020
Fiona and Shane speak to Dr Anthea Hyslop, historian
22 Jul 2020
Fiona & Shane talk to Royal, Jenny and Vanessa
8 Jul 2020
Fiona talks to Darwin Cheng, Paola Posso & Nese Duran
24 Jun 2020
Fiona speaks to Gary Ferguson; Leonie and Shane join to discuss the latest at HAAG