9 Feb 2022
Shane and Fiona speak to Katelyn Butters and Gemma White
26 Jan 2022
Shane and Fiona interview Joan Doyle and Maureen Donnelly
12 Jan 2022
Fiona and Shane hear from Richard Tate, Erin Dolan and Rebecca Oelkers
22 Dec 2021
Shane, Fiona and Pam
8 Dec 2021
Shane and Fiona talk to Peter Sibly
24 Nov 2021
Shane and Fiona talk to Teresa and Sheryn
10 Nov 2021
Fiona and Shane chat to Stephanie Agius
27 Oct 2021
Fiona introduces Jess Hill, Lived Experience Advocate Suzanah-Jo Day, Nemat Kharboutli of Muslim Women Australia, and Jocelyn Bignold of McAuley Community Services for
13 Oct 2021
Shane and Fiona hear from Kate Colvin, Kirsten Deane and Anna Brown
22 Sep 2021
Shane and Fiona introduce Karen Percy (MC), Linda Hahn, Penny Leemhuis, Tanya Plibesek MP, Zali Steggal MP and Larissa Waters MP