Aric McBay: Full Spectrum Resistance (part 2)

Sunday, 4 April 2021 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Six POC are carrying a large banner and leading a huge protest march with up to hundred people visible behind them. The banner is blue and red, with black and white text. It says ‘Stop cola power now—Ende Gelände’ and ‘System change, not climate change’, and also depicts the Ende Gelände logo with crossed mallet and pick axe in a circle.

Interview with Aric McBay about Full Spectrum Resistance (part 2)

Part two of a two part interview with farmer, anarchist, organiser and author Aric McBay, on his book Full Spectrum Resistance—an historical overview on building movements, actions and strategies for change.

In a fascinating and in depth interview with Bursts from The Final Straw Radio, McBay covers the climate justice movement and it’s unique potential for facilitating widespread interconnectivity and synthesis between other social movements.

In this concluding episode McBay & Bursts examine why single issue movements are not conducive to full spectrum resistance in the struggle for climate justice, and discuss how intersectional movements have been more successful in this regard.

They also critique vanguard valorisation and consensus decision making; and McBay reflects on his time with the Deep Green Resistance movement and the transphobia issue.


*Audio sourced, with thanks, from The Final Straw Radio 

This week's show is #1290 and was produced by Nicky Stott

Sunday 11:00am to 11:30am
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