Bid for World Heritage Listing for the Nullarbor and the Great Australian Bight

Sunday, 14 April 2024 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Sea washing up against steep cliffs at sunset

Bid for World Heritage listing for the Nullarbor and the Great Australian Bight


Mirning Elders supported by the Wilderness Society of South Australia are calling for the Great Australian Bight and the Nullarbor to be World Heritage listed to protect this iconic place for good. Peter Owen outlines the Wilderness Society's work to protect the area going back almost 20 years. Mirning Elders describe their connection to country and the urgency of protecting the Bight and the Nullarbor. And finally, we look at how the bid for World Heritage listing is progressing.



Uncle Bunna Lawrie, Mirning Elder and Whale Songman


Mirning Elders: Aunty Dorcas Miller, Aunty Rose Miller and Robbie Miller


Peter Owen, Director, Wilderness Society of South Australia


To sign the Petition, open "Protect it for good" on the Wilderness Society website (below):


Draft Consultation Document


Music: Dancing in the Moonlight, by Uncle Bunna Lawrie and Coloured Stone


Photo: Bunda Cliffs by Brad Leue. Photo provided by Peter Owen


Damage to Koonalda Caves: Media reports




Producer: Judith Peppard

Earth Matters Episode #1448


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