Peter Dutton Threatens Independent Community Legal Representation

Sunday, 7 April 2024 - 11:00am to 11:30am
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Peter Dutton has threatened to reduce access to the Environmental Defenders Organisation; the independent legal representation for community groups attempting to enforce the law against the climate crimes of  the fossil fuel industry. 

Dutton made this threat when he was speaking to an event organised by the Council for Minerals Energy in Perth to an audience including some of the Liberal Party's biggest donors.

Independent Federal MP  Zali Steggall (OAM) spoke to Sean O'Shannessy on the politics of Duddo's threats and Dr Chris McGrath  ABarrister specialising in environmental law and researcher and University of Queensland), regarding some of the legal implications of these threats.


Links: Transcript of Peter Duttons speech to The Chamber of Minerals and Energy

Earth Matters # #1447 was produced by Sean O'Shannessy on Bundjalung Country; first for the "Environmental as Anything" radio show on River FM,  and then by Bec Horridge for Earth Matters.

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