Heal the Ancestors: East Gippsland bush fires

Sunday, 12 January 2020 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Geco e-flyer depicting an adorable greater glider (maybe a young one) peeking out of an old hollow rainforest tree. It is night. and the bottom of the flyer is contact details and information for the GECO campaign to protect them from extinction. For more info go to geco.org.au

Heal the Ancestors: East Gippsland bush fires

Elders Robbie and Mick Thorpe on 3CR’s Fire First discuss bushfires and the Law of the Land, while Mick shares his first hand account of the evacuation from the Lake Tyers Community on Gunai/Kurnai country. Also, an update from Chris Schuringa at Goongerah Environment Centre about what’s happening on the ground with ongoing fires destroying habitat, wildlife sanctuaries and homes of local front line forest protectors - just weeks after cautiously celebrating the Vic gov's pledge to end to native forest logging.

Links to donate to fire relief funds:

First Nations Communities

Goongerah Climate refugees support fund

Wallabia Wildlife Shelter

Goongerah Wombat Orphanage

Earth Matters #1226 was produced by Nicky Stott

Banner at Djab Wurrung Protection Embassy with Aboriginal colours says "always was, always will be" and grass in foreground
Sunday 11:00am to 11:30am
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Teishan Ahearne, Kerri-Lee Harding, Bec Horridge and Nicky Stott.