Presenters: Bonnie Renou, Ria Jago w/ guests: Amanda George, Beth Jones
Su Robertson, Gemma Leigh-Dodds & Daniel Bavcevic
Person sitting in a cell with images of COVID-19 virus appearing through the cell bars
Marissa Johnpillai with guests Felix Ralph and Julia Kretzenbacher
Su Robertson & Daniel Bavcevic with Jemma Holt (Researcher and Prosecutor)
Presenters: Daniel Bavcevic, Su Robertson, Gemma Leigh-Dodds; Guest: Emilia Nazari (Friends of the Earth)
Presenters: Daniel Bavcevic, Gemma Leigh-Dodds, Su Robertson; Guest: Jenni Smith (CEO. Northern Community Legal Centre)
Sam and Kamna interview Charley Brumby-Rendell and Gregor Husper
Su Robertson, Gemma Leigh-Dodds; Guest: Nichola Donovan (Lawyers for Animals)
Sam Drummond and Greg Buchhorn with guest Catherine Browning, founder of Lawyers for Climate Action
Marissa, Ingrid and Beth with Robyn Ayers, Arts Law Centre of Australia and Laura Thompson, Spark Health Australia