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Presenters: Marissa Johnpillai & Beth King, Guests: David Barnden from Environmental Justice Australia, and Mark McVeigh
Koori Court Logo: A tree in an oval, surrounded by gum leaves
Marissa Johnpillai and Beth King, with Patrick Warner, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, and Tal Shmerling, Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
Photo of neon lights in a heart shape
Gemma and Sam with Sam Elkin from the St Kilda Legal Service
Beth King & Katia Lallo, with guest Meena Singh, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
My Health Record logo
Beth King, Sara de Motta and Matt Wilson, with guest Stan Winford, Chair of the Mental Health Legal Centre
image from front cover of "couch surfing limbo report" of a girl wearing a backpack
Marissa Johnpillai and Katia Lallo with guests Joe Nunweek, Senior Lawyer, WEstjustice and Maria Kumar, Social Worker, Iwi n Aus
Sam and Greg talk with Gemma Leigh-Dodds
Gemma, Greg and Sam are joined by Leah Tolley from Balit Ngulu, Dr Meg Clement-Couzner from PWD Australia and disability support worker "Amy".
Gemma and Greg, with Sally Goldner and Theodore Murray
Belinda Lo and Hui Zhou with Marianne Jago, Senior Policy Advisor, Women's Legal Service Victoria