5 Sep 2023
Lizzy and Britt with Tessa Boyd-Caine, CEO of Health Justice Australia
1 Aug 2023
Amy Schneider
4 Jul 2023
Jimmy and Lizzy with Mrs Bettina Cooper
6 Jun 2023
Gemma and Lizzy with Amy Frew, Director of Client Services at Tenants Victoria
25 Apr 2023
Ingrid and Beth with Dr Carolyn Holbrook and Professor Felicity Gerry KC
4 Apr 2023
Lizzy, Jimmy and Britt and Sarah Sacher from Economic Justice Australia
21 Mar 2023
Dylan and Indy with Eirene Tsolidis Noyce
Gerard Brody
31 Jan 2023
Gerard Brody and Su Robertson and Liz Stary
24 Jan 2023
Beth and Ingrid interviewing Matthew Roberts