offshore wind farm
Em & Anna with Pat Simons & Penny Howard
FCV protest
Megan Williams with Alana Mountain
A group of community campaigners holding a banner in front of parliament
Em Gayfer, Megan Williams & Phil Evans
Bruce Shillingsworth
Megan Williams and Sam Cossar-Gilbert
A rally in Kimba to oppose the nuclear waste dump
Em Gayfer and Dr Jim Green
Human Sign spelling less than 1.5 degrees
Megan with Emma Sandford and John Knox
Protect Victoria's Koalas
Phil Evans & Anthony Amis
Myth 1: Controlled floods do not help fish populations breed
Megan with Katharine McBride and Jack McPherson
Take the no-waste-mas challenge
10 Dec 2019
Megan Williams with Larissa Milsum and Jane Hutchings
Claudia and Helen at the 3cr studio
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guests: Helen Tsoutsouvas, Michelle Giovas, Claudia Gallois