Friends of the Earth's Act on Climate collective
Presenter: Phil Evans Guests: Anna Langford & Aaron Brooks
Em Gayfer joined by Colin Long
Friends of the Earth show solidarity with the campaign to save the Sepik river
Megan with Manu Peni
Sign up for Walk This Way
Megan and Lucinda interview Jemila Rushton
Energy Justice collective at Friends of the Earth
1 Oct 2019
Presenter: Em Gayfer, Guests: Kate Wattchow and Cam Villani
Menindee Community at the town performance
Megan & Em with Charlotte Borthwick and Susie Clarke
We talk to Friends of the Earth's Emerging Tech Coordinator about the current move to deregulate gene editing in Australia. What are these technologies? What are the threats? And what are alternatives?
Presenter: Phil Evans Guest: Louise Sales
More public transport protest
3 Sep 2019
Megan & Em interview Claudia Gallois
Kinglake Friends of the Forest action outside Australian Paper
Em Gayfer, Phil Evans & Sue McKinnon