World Wetlands Day
2 Feb 2021
Megan Williams & Mel Gray
Presenter - John Langer /// Guest - Tim Hollo
Surfers with an Act on Climate sign
17 Nov 2020
Lucinda Walker, Phil Evans with Belinda Baggs, Linley Hurrell
Think Global - Act Local
Phil Evans with Jemila Rusthon & Leigh Ewbank
Presenter - John Langer /// Guest - Julien Vincent
the more we burn (fossil fuels) the more it burns (the planet)
Megan Williams Cam Walker
Wilcannia Blockade, image supplied Homelandings Media
13 Oct 2020
Megan Williams// Dan Shultz and Otis Filley
Online Event Environmental Water and Cultural Flows
Megan Williams// David Papps and Brendan Kennedy
Megan Williams// Dimity Hawkins, Dave Kerin, Cam Walker
Presenter - John Langer /// Guest - Veronica Hester