Presenter - Emma Wasson; guests - Dan Cass, Melissa Black
Presenters - Emma Wasson, Alan Ndzinga; guest - Jackie Fristacky
Presenters: Megan Williams & Phil Evans, Guests: Leigh Ewbank, Maggie Riddington, Zianna Fuad & Rachel Lynskey
Presenters - Emma Wasson, Jack Quiggley; guests - Liz Downs, Sue Bolton
Presenters: Phil Evans, Megan Williams & Jack Quigley, Guest: Dylan McConnell
Presenter - Emma Wasson; guests - Rachel Lynsky, Petra Stock
Presenter: Phil Evans 7 Guest: Pat Simons
25 Sep 2018
Presenter: Phil Evans & Guest: Anine Cummins
Presenter - Emma Wasson,; guest - Ed Hill
Presenter: Phil Evans & Guests: Jordan Crooke & Sarah Day
Presenter - Emma Wasson; guests - Terry Mulhern, Tessa Campsi
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guest: Megan Williams
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guest: Zianna Fuad
Presenter - Emma Wasson; guest - Phil Jackson
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Pat Simons, Dean Rizzetti
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guests: Matt Nguyen & Claire Anderson
Presenter: Emma Wasson. Guests: Don Stokes and Tony Morton.
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Alex Breskin; Crystal Legacy
Presenter: Phil Evans Guests: Rachel Lynskey and Chris Dunlevy
Presenter - Emma Wasson; Guests - Annett Finger; Berish Bilander
Dirt Radio
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Colin Lamby, Linda Kennedy
Presenters: John Langer, Emma Wasson & Phil Evans
Presenters: Phil Evans, Emma Wasson and Guests: Jemila Rushton and Sam Cossar-Gilbert
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guest: Sumarlinah Winoto
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Harry Jennens, Sasha King, Tatiana Hitchen
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guest: Dave Kerrin
Presenter - John Langer; guest - Andrew Kelly
Phil Evans and Emma Wasson, Guest - Glenn Todd
Phil Evans, Guests- Mara Bonacci, Jemila Rushton
Presenter - John Langer; guest - Cam Walker
Presenters: John Langer, Emma Wasson; guests: Georgina Gurney; Madelaine Egan
Presenter: Phil Evans; guests: Hailey, Pat Simons
Presenters - John Langer, EmmaWasson; guests - Scott Jordon, Mara Bonacci
Presenter: Phil Evans, Guest: Jemila Rushton
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Zianna Fuad, Callum Simpson
Presenters: John Langer & Phil Evans, Guests: Rachel Lynskey & Leigh Ewbank
Presenters: Emma Wasson & Phil Evans Guest: Ike Schwartz
Presenter: John Langer & Phil Evans, Guests: Louise Sales & Jim Green
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Andrew Kelly, Leila Farahani
Presenter: Phil Evans Guest: Tori Ball
Presenter: Phil Evans Guests: Anna Langford & Leight Ewbank
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Vanessa Bowden; Zianna Fuad
Presenter - Phil Evans; guests - Chloe Aldenhoven, Pat Simons
Presenter: Phil Evans Interviewee: Ed Hill
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Blair Palese; Ruchira Talukdar
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Heather Shearer, Rachel Lynskey
Host: Phil Evans Guests: Leigh Ewbank, Lara Wiesel
Dirt Radio
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Tim Buckley, Kim Borg
Presenter: Phil Evans Guest: Pablo Brait from Market Forces
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Patrick Nunn, Jonathan Keren-Black
Presenter - Phil Evans; guests - Rachel Kate Lynskey, Shalini Rautela, Nabila Norsofiena
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Brendan Sydes, Jack Bertolus
Host: Phil Evans Guest: Suse Scholem
Presenter - John Langer; guest - Hans Baer
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Tria Manley
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Charmaine Roth, Cam Walker
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Pat Simons, Glenn Todd
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Nicola Paris
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Leigh Ewbank
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Kudra Ricketts, Rob Foster
Presenter-- John Langer; guests -- Jimmy Cocking, Simon Chapman
Presnters - John Langer, Louise Sales; guests - Michael Antoniou, Claire Robinson
Presenter - John Langer, guests - Simon Torok, Mik Aidt
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Sarah Perkins Kirkpatrick, Andrew Kelly
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Cam Walker, John Knox
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Ursula Alquier, Maddy Egan
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Kate Wattchow
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Hayden Annable, Em Gayfer
21 Nov 2016
presenter: Colin; Cat Nadel for Environment Victoria and Marg Thomas for Mirboo North
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Anthony Amis, Kristen Lyons
presented by the dream team Colin & Sam
Presenter - John L; guests - Cam Walker, Mitch Jones
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Helen War
Presenter - John Langer; guests - Ed Hill, Tullio Rossi
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Kat Woskett
Presenter: Colin; Guest: Ali Marchant & Leigh Ewbank
Presenter - John; Guests - Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Harry Jennens
Presenter: Colin; Guests: Kate Wattchow from Foe & Dan Musil from EarthWorker
Presenter - Phil Evans; guest - Glenn Todd
Presenter - Sam Castro; guest - Chloe Aldenhoven
Presenter: Colin Guest: Chloe
Presenter - John; guests - Andrew Kelly, Pablo Brait
Presenter - John Langer; Guest - Graham Readfearn
Presenter - John Langer; Guests - Bronwyn Plarre, Carey Lai
Presenter - John Langer; guests - George Rennie, Rick Humphries
Presenter: John Langer; guests: Jeremy Tager, Leigh Ewbank
Presenters: Colin, John; Guests: Andrew Laird, Morgana Russell
Presenter: Colin; Guests: Tia from Latrobe Uni Fossil Free, Jesse from Melbourne Uni Fossil Free & Pat from Y2R
Presenter: Sam Castro; Guest: June Norman
9 May 2016
Presenter: Colin; Guests: Sam & Maya
Presenter: John Langer; guests: Ursula Rakova, Phil Evans
Presenter: Colin; Guest: Jim
28 Mar 2016
Presenter: Colin Guest: Laura from GP
Presenter: Sam Castro; guest: Jim Green
Presenter: John Langer; Guest: Jeremy Tager
Presenters: Colin, Guests: Jemila & Anica
Rob is supporting the empowrement of Indigenous community in Indonesia and around the world to have a better access to their traditional culture.
Presenter: Colin Guests: Rob Henry & Samantha Lee
Today on Dirt Radio the Bats Return to the Leard State forest and stand strong with the #Gomoroi followed the famous #LetThemStay campaign
Presenters: Sam & Colin; Guest: Phil Evans from Foe & Flac
NO CSG in Victoria! more than ever it's a huge possibility. Leigh is our man! What are the impacts of Climate Change on our health?Kate has the answers!
Presenter: Colin ; Guests: Leigh & Kate
Discovery of Greater Glider population in old growth forest puts logging in doubt
Presenter: Sam Castro; guest: Ed Hill
Quit Coal calling for a Ban on Unconventional Gas in Victoria, Will they listen the community?
Presenter: Colin, Guest: Laura
First hand accounts of participating in environmental activist protests and actions at the Paris climate summit, Decemember 2015
Presenter: Sam Castro; guest:Sean Bedlam
Great interview about the final issue of the Cop21 agreement, following by the Direct Action group Flood the System
Presenter: Colin Guest: Linah
Climate change against economical growth, The voice of the people during COP21
presenters: Colin; Guests: Sam Castro & Kat Moore
Community resisting Shenhua coal project and CounterAct view on Direct Action & Civil Disobedience.
Presenters: Colin & Rebecca; Guests: Phil & Nicola
The impact of the global and local meat industry on climate change
Presenters: Colin and Rebecca; Guest: Mark Parshin
The Direct Action at Greg Hunt's office, our Minister for Coal
Presenter: Colin; Guest: Rebecca
Tribute to George Bender, a strong member of the CSG opposition in Queensland.
Presenter: John Langer; Guest: John Fenton
Australian government radicalization awareness kit misguided and plain wrong
Presenter: Sam Castro; Guest: 'Karen', former environmentalist
Inquiry into tax-deductible donations to Australian environment groups ideologically driven
Presenter: John Langer; Guests: Cam Walker, Leigh Ewbank
Quit Coal campaigners talk about community mobilizations around stopping CSG extraction in the state of Victoria
Presenter: Colin Grimauld, Guests: Dom, Kat from Quit Coal
Campaigning against coal in Australia: a look back, lessons learned, the next campaign
Presenter: Colin Grimald; Guests: Phil Evans, Muzz (FLAC)
The Green Pledge explained by its ambassador Rod Quantok, 2015 EFF run-down
Presenter: John Langer; Guests: Rod Quantok, Chris Gerbing
Federal Court sets aside Carmichael mine approval
Presenter: Sam Castro; guest: Patricia Julian
500 year old gums trees culled for a highway and our taxes culled for coal industry subsidies
Presenter: John Langer; Guests: Helen Lewers; Zane Alcorn
A senate inquiry into wind tubine and their alleged health effects has published its recommentations - so what next?
Presenter: John Langer; Guest: Leigh Ewbank
Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s Economic Justice Collective discuss the implications
Presenter: Sam Castro; Guest: Kat Moore
A renewed FoE campaign building cross-border ecological, cultural and social awareness
Presenter: Colin Grimauld; Guest: Morgana Russell
Lock the Gate Victoria at the unconventional gas inquiry, ALP national conference and environment policy
Presenter: John Langer; Guests: Ursula Aquilier, Cam Walker
The militarization of the Asia Pacific region will have serious consequences for Australia
Presenter: Sam Castro; Guest: Robin Taubenfeld
Forest saving workshops and solidarity lock-ons:action on 2 fronts
Presenters: Colin Grimaud, John Langer; Guests: Ed Hill, Kat Moore
The creep of US military influence in the Asia-Pacific region and the 2015 joint war games are part of it
Presenter: Sam Castro; guests: peace and anti-nuclear activists
Countering environmental vandalism: campaigning on-line and in the forests
Presenter: John Langer; Guests: John Cook, Fiona Nelson
Why is the Abbott government holding an inquiry into the tax deductible status of environment groups like Friends of the Earth?f
Presenter: Sam Castro, Guest Phil Evans
"Activating the Airwaves", this year's radiothon theme: Dirt Radio doing just that every week
Presenter: John Langer
Why is it feeling more and more like the return of Pauline Hanson's versionof Australia?
Presenter: Sam Castro; Guest: Sean Bedlam
Melbourne students examine the climate change crisis through writing and story-telling
Presnter: John Langer; Guests: Teacher Sue Dwyer and students from Footscray City College
Toasting four decades of activism for social justice and environmental sustainabilityogical sustainability.
Presenters: Sam Castro, Colin Grimauld
Taking effective, creative, strategic action on issues of environmental and social justice
Presenters: Sam Castro, Colin Grimauld; guest: Nicola Paris
From little things big things grow: Friends of the Earth, 40th birthday reflections
Presenter: John Langer; Guest: Jim Green
the power of street art and the power of protest
Presenter: Colin Grimauld; Guests: Tom Civil, Sam Castro
Taking aim at FoE: government attacks ENGOs
Presenters: John Langer, Colin Grimaud; Guest: Cam Walker
the fracking juggernaut: started in the US, now rolling across Australia
Presenter: John Langer; Guest: John Fenton
The Earthworker Co-operative and Yes2Renewables leading the way
Presenter: Colin Grimauld/Guests; Melissa Corbett and Emily Gayfer guests
Dirt Radio
This week we talk to a long time activist who does his camaigning around a view that humour helps.
Sam Castro + Colin Grimald with guest Sean Bedlam
Dirt Radio
Recent video footage showed loggers knocking trees down with koalas and joeys falling out of the trees.
Presenters - John Langer and Sam Castro. Guest - Anthony Amis