Image of Fergus Watts
17 May 2023
Evan Douglas-Smith and Fergus Watts
Steph Fornasier is a caucasian woman with shoulder length brown straight hair, wearing a pink, navy blue and gold striped skivvy and she is standing against a wooden back drop as she smiles at the camera.
3 May 2023
Flic Manning & Stephanie Fornasier
Cassie Walker is a caucasian woman with bright red shoulder length hair, she has large black-rimmed glasses and is wearing a black top. She looks at the camera a smirks. The brainwaves logo is in blue and purple and is placed at the bottom of the image. Cassie is today's guest on Brainwaves talking about mental health and the music industry.
12 Apr 2023
Cassie Walker and Flic Manning
Donna Ciccia is a caucasian woman with shoulder length straight blonde hair, she is wear glasses and a green top, she smiles at the camera with red lipstick on. The Brainwaves logo is in blue and purple underneath Donna's headshot. She is on Brainwaves on 3CR 855am Melbourne to discuss Long Covid and Mental Health from a lived experience lens.
5 Apr 2023
Donna Ciccia and Flic Manning
Cartoonist Kylie Steinhardt
22 Mar 2023
Evan Douglas-Smith and Kylie Steinhardt
Peta Hooke, Disability advocate does a flashmob in her undies and wheelchair to tackle body image in Bourke Street Melbourne
22 Feb 2023
Flic Manning and Peta Hooke
Looking towards the Light. Photo taken by Daniel A'Vard at Sincerely Survivor artist residency - J Ward Asylum for the Criminally Insane, 2019
15 Feb 2023
Evan Douglas-Smith and Hannah Friebel