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24 Oct 2018
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29 Aug 2018
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Allanah and Andrew
11 Apr 2018
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Marni, Rebecca & Suzanne
6 Dec 2017
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Lauren and Allanah
11 Oct 2017
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Lauren, Marni & Lucy
17 May 2017
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18 Jan 2017
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Christine, Rebecca, Yvanna
26 Oct 2016
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Amber & Lauren
Presenters Chiara, James and Kathy interview Phil and Jane from Wild at Hearts
Sophie Howes with Amber, James and Lauren
Serena & Terri
16 Mar 2016
Amber, Chris and James
Guests: Maria Presenters: Mark, Chiara and Kathy
Rose & Kathleen
Brendan talks about stigma and exclusion in the workforce
Guest: Brendan Presenters: Mark, Chris and Kathy
10 Feb 2016
Carlo Laruccia is a passionate mental health and wellbeing advocate, and today on the show Carlo talks about his lived experience of mental health, recovery and human connection.
Panelling Tu, Interviewing Chiara and Kathy, Guest Carlo Laruccia
Interview with author of My Happy Sad Mummy about helping children understand the effects of Bipolar disorder in parents.
Presenters: Kathy, Chiara, Chris Guests: Michelle
This week Brainwaves has Felice Jacka on the show, Associate Professor at Deakin University and President of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research and the Australian Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders. Felice discusses her research around the role of diet and nutrition as it relates to mental health disorders.
Rose & Kathleen
20 Jan 2016
This week, Brainwaves members Daniel and Kathy both chat about their experiences of living with social anxiety. Daniel and Kathy very effortlessly bring to light an experience that many people with mental health issues identify with and help to normalise the experience known as social anxiety.
Daniel & Kathy
Consumer consultant/advocate and researcher Alan Pinchez comes on the show to talk about his experience with mental health and how this drove him to join the consumer movement in an attempt to improve services. Alan talks about the value of peer workers and peer support, and the benefits of lived experience.
Daniel & Kathleen
Phil Pyke, veteran and peacekeeper comes on the show to talk about the experience of mental health issues for peacekeepers upon their return to Australia. Phil talks about the historical and social context of peacekeeping, the consequences of living in war zones and mental health implications for veterans.
Kate & Kathleen
Brainwaves hosts a range of guests, Siretti from the organisation In Our Own Words, and Natasha and Heeba, from AFRO Care. Both organisations aim to address mental health issues in the African community.
Kate & Daniel
Guest director Jay Richards comes on the show this week to talk about his documentary Ray of Light. The Ray of Light documentary looks to shine a light on youth anxiety, depression and suicide.
Rose & Kathy
Dr Neil Thomas, Director National e-Therapy Centre, Swinburne University talks about the SMART Project and The International Consortium on Hallucination Research smartinfo.org.au
Presenters: Tu, Chiara and Kathy Guest: Neil
Louisa Dent Pearce shares her Lived Experience and talks about her early episode of mental health issues, exploration into healing and recovery, and giving back to others
Presenters: Kathy and Kate Guest: Louisa Dent Pearce
Minto Felix, founding member of Australians for Mental Health and Mental Health Programs Coordinator at Monash University, comes on the show to talk about the national advocacy campaign. Australians for Mental Health attempts to empower Australians to compel all political parties to make mental ill health a key election issue and the next Federal election.
Tu & Chiara
Advocate, playwright Neil Cole reflects on career in federal politics and living with bipolar disorder
Guest Neil Cole interviewed by James and Rose
Suzanne Hurley from PANDA comes on the show in light of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Week, to talk about the mental health issues before, during and after pregnancy.
Tu & Chiara
Dorothy Gilmour (Wheller) is a Grief and Loss counseller and lecturer at Swinburne University. On today's show, Dorothy joins the program to talk about grief following death, different forms of grief and loss and the link between mental illness and grief.
Paneller: Kathy, Guest: Dorothy Gilmour, Presenters: Kathleen & Tu
Prof Mike Slade talks mental health recovery and what it means to lead a meaningful life
Guest Prof Mike Slade interviewed by Kathy and Rose
In the last of the Headspace curated series of shows, this week's program explores the lived experience of two young men, exploring mental health from 2 unique perspectives. In Part 1 of the program Mark explores self care when managing depression and anxiety, and in Part 2 Damian discusses mental health and healing in the context of family.
Interviewers: Kate & Lucy, Guests: Damian, Kate, Panelling: Tu
The second installment of our Headspace curated shows, this week we discuss disparity in youth service provision and non-binary gender through two compelling personal accounts.
Guests Sharee and Kris joined by Brainwavers Rose and Kate
This week’s informative program explored the perspectives of two radical young women living with Autism. The show looked at how diagnosis, perceptions and stigma have shaped their lived experiences and mental health. The show also showcased the strength and resilience of young people in reclaiming identity and living outside diagnosis.
Kathy, Kate, Mark, Lucy & Melissa
'Celebrating Mental Health' - celebrating Brainwaves and all things mental health related
Chiara, Kathy, Kathleen, Daniel, Ben and Tu
Dan McGuiness, Mick Seymour and Adam Pollock from the BiPolar Bears and the Wild@heART Community showcase their music, discuss the origins of the band, their influences and how music and arts can be used as an outlet for recovery from mental health issues.
Presenters: Kathy, Dan and Tu & Guests: BiPolar Bears
23 Sep 2015
Australian comedian, writer, actor and Ambassador for Beyond Blue, Tom Ballad comes on the show to discuss his lived experience of mental illness and his sexuality.
Kate & Kathy
John Watkins discusses his latest book "Unshrinking Psychosis" and discusses the significance of dreams and spirituality in our understanding of the experience of psychosis.
Mark J, Mark H & Chiara
Joe Mariah and Eddy Ink chat about their stories and music making experience at Wild@Heart
Guests: Joe Mariah and Eddy Ink Presenters:Daniel, Kathleen and Kathy
Mark H, Tu, Kathleen - Guest Prof Pat McGorry
Dr Rebecca Segrave explains new brain stimulation therapies being developed for depression.
Dr Rebecca Segrave interviewed by Kate & Kathy, paneled by Rose
The media is highly influential in shaping people's perspectives on mental illness and misinformation can lead to stigma and discrimination in the community. A panel discussion consisting of Tu, Dan, Mark and guest Marie explore the role of the media, positive and negative portrayals of mental illness in film, television and other media outlets and the impact these portrayals may have on the public's perception.
Tu, Dan, Mark with guest Marie
Professor Helen Herrman discusses psychiatry and her work in improving mental health internationally and locally
Guest: Professor Helen Herrman, Presenters: Kathy, Kathleen and Mark
Daniel and Rose discuss the experience of having mental health issues, specifically anxiety, while dating/being in a relationship.
Daniel and Rose
Emily Toner, clinical psychologist explains positive psychology
Guest Emily Toner interviewed by Mark H & Mark J, Daniel paneling.
Vince O'Neil discussing the MI Fellowship Doorway housing program
Guest Vince O'Neil interviewed by Kathleen & Kate, Kathy panelling
Kate Chester as guest from Freedom from Tobacco
Kate Chester as guest, Mark J panelling with Kate and Mark H interviewing
Guest Annie Murphy, Liz Scarfe and Lara discuss the "Living With Suicidal Feelings" support group
Kathy panelling, Rose and Kate interviewing with guests Annie Murphy, Liz Scarfe and Lara
Guest Lucy Cormack, yoga teacher, speaks to the benefits of parana samana yoga and mindfulness
Guest Lucy Cormack, paneller Kathy and interviewers Daniel and Mark
Dr Neil Thomas guests and speaks to phase 2 of the SMART project: Self-Management and Recovery Technology research program
Guest Dr Neil Thomas and paneller Kathy with interviewers Rose and Shannon
Professor John Read guests, and speaks to problems and issues with the medical model of human distress and poses an alternative approach
Guest Professor John Read with paneller Kathy and interviewers Rose and Tu
Guest Sandy Jeffs speaks to her poetry and experiences in Larundel
Paneller Kathy and interviewers Mark and Shannon. Guest Sandy Jeffs
Bee's play "Hamlet's Angel"
Presenter Kate with guest Bee
Members of music band Full Mental Jacket Steve, Christian and Justin discuss the band and showcase their music
Paneller Kate and interviewer Kathy with guests Steve, Christian and Justin
Heidi Everett, singer song writer, and comedian Rohan Forrester discuss the upcoming Schizy Week Jam
Paneller Kate and interviewer Kathy interview guests Heidi Everett and Rohan Forrester
Indigo Daya, General Manager Consumer and Carer Advocacy MI Fellowship speaks to issues raised by Eleanor Longden
Paneller Dale, interviewers Paddy and Kate, guest Indigo Daya, General Manager Consumer and Carer Advocacy MI Fellowship
Zoe Probyn, Northern Support Services Manager at Homeground, speaks about homelessness and mental health
Paneller Dale with interviewers Kate, Kathy and Paddy, guest Zoe Probyn
Professor Jayashri Kulkarni speaks to women's mental health issues
Paneller Mark, and interviewers Kathy and Kate
Dr Jerome Sarris speaks about nutritional supplements and mental illness
Paneller Mark, and interviewers Kathy and Kate. Guest Dr Jerome Sarris
Michelle Graeber (CEO)speaks about ARCVIC services
Paneller Mark, interviewers Kate and Kathy, with guest Michelle Graeber
interview with Dream re homelessness
Mark panelling, Kate and Rae interviewing guest Dream
Interview with Rae about her poetry, epilepsy and lived experience
Panelling Mark, interviewine Kathy and Kate with guest Rae
Jacqui speaks about Bipolar 2
Presenters Mark, Kathy and Kate
Dr Victoria Palmer and Dr Rob Whitely discuss recovery and the CORE project
Dale panelling, interviewers Kathy, Paddy and Kate with guests Dr Victoria Palmer and Dr Rob Whitely
Liam Leonard from GLHV speaks about the Private Lives Report
Presenters Mark, Kathy and Kate and guest Liam Leonard
Ben Rinaudo, Nara
Ben Rinaudo, Aleisha Carroll, Joel and Helen Fernandes, Dr Erminia Colucci
Ben Rinaudo, Indigo Daya.
Ben Rinaudo, Sarah, Nikki Blanch