A bearded elderly man wearing a burgandy velvet fez and an eye patch. He has many rings on his fingers, is holding a staff and is wearing brightly coloured clothing. He is also smiling.
6 Sep 2023
Suzie Leach, Baba Desi & Pauline Klemm
A caucasian woman with long blonde hair wearing a white shirt and black pants stands against a white wall, she is smiling, and a man stands next to her. He is caucasian and is wearing a white MasterChef Australia apron and a black long sleeved shirt, he has short brown hair and beard and is smiling.
30 Aug 2023
Flic Manning, Aaron Sanders, Sarah Starkey
A caucasian woman with brown and grey shoulder length wavy hair in a black halter top smiles at the camera, she is against an outdoor backdrop of green plants and leaves
23 Aug 2023
Flic Manning and Michelle Irving
Tom Polachek
16 Aug 2023
Evan Douglas-Smith & Tom Polachek
9 Aug 2023
Suzie & Professor Adrian Esterman
2 Aug 2023
Dr Paul Fearne
26 Jul 2023
Laura Collister, Claire Conlon, Prof Richard Newton, Matt Ball and Helena Roennfeldt