3 Jun 2019
Vivian Langford, Lilly Barto, Reid Pierce, Chris Briggs, Abel Guttierez, Robin Chamberlayne & Bruce Shillingsworth.
Robert Llewellyn plugging in electric vehicle
Robert Llewellyn - Repeat Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy & The Fully Charged Show
20 May 2019
Vivien Langford, David Ritter, Amanda Cahill, David Morris, Manjot Kaur & Joanne Mc Carthy. (Andy, Panel-Op.)
Vivien Langford ,Kurt Johnson and Andy Britt
Vivien Langford and Andy Britt
Vivien Langford with, Helena Norberg Hodge and Dr David Shearman
Concentrating solar thermal field with heliostates and reciever tower
Erin Jones, Dr Keith Lovegrove, Michael Lord, Shannon Loughnane
Vivien Langford & Adelle Mills with guests Dr Matthew Nott, Councillor Jo Dodds, Professor Andrew Blakers, Dr John Hewson & Lynn McColl