Monday, 22 May 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Belvoir Theatre Sydney: Scenes from The Climate ERA




MAY 22ND 2023 

Produced by Vivien Langford



Carissa Licciardello - Director at Belvoir Theatre of Scenes from the Climate Era

David Finnigan - Writer of Scenes from the Climate Era. (401) David Finnigan - When will the climate era end? - YouTube

“We knew there was a mass extinction happening, we all felt bad about it. But you couldn’t think about it every second of every day. I had a bad breakup that year, I was trying to pay rent. We were just living our lives.”

A frog, the last of its species, starts calling for a mate, but there’s no-one to hear.

A group of friends reminisce about the last time they took a flight, before all that came to an end.

Landholders in Borneo confront western environmentalists over who owns the forest.

A scientist is coached on how to speak to the media in digestible soundbites.

A family takes to the water, needing a new home, new hope…

A remarkable, illuminating, shocking, wry, and sometimes inspiring piece of theatre, Scenes from the Climate Era is exactly what it says – over fifty small plays that catch the exhilaration, frustration and fascination of living in interesting times.

Belvoir Theatre said:

We read this and simply had to do it, we haven’t had a script that’s generated quite as much energy as this one. David is a climate expert as well as a playwright, and the sheer dramatic impact of his expertise is thrilling, frightening, invigorating. It’s not a play that wags its finger, it’s terrifically smart and human. If you’re looking for something about the big issues of this era, here’s a piece of theatre for you. – Eamon



Fear and Wonder Episode 4   with kind permission from The Conversation


Produced by Michael Green

Featuring IPPCC Authors :   Joelle Gergis, Paola Arias in Colombia and Krishnana Ragavhan in India.


"The wet gets wetter and the dry gets drier".

That's one of the key messages from the chapter in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) latest report on how climate change is impacting Earth's water cycle. And it's the topic of our latest episode.

In case you're new here: Fear & Wonder is a new climate podcast, brought to you by The Conversation. It takes you inside the United Nations’ era-defining climate report via the hearts and minds of the scientists who wrote it. The show is sponsored by the Climate Council, an independent, evidence-based organisation working on climate science, impacts and solutions.

In this episode, hosts Michael Green and Joelle Gergis speak to scientists Paola Arias from Colombia and Krishnan Raghavan from India about how climate change is intensifying the extremes of wet and dry. They discuss the Australian floods of 2020 to the South Asian monsoon and the devastating Pantanal wetland fires in Brazil's Amazon.

Monday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Climate change - what's hot and what's not. Find out what is happening in community campaigns around the country, as well as the latest science and the solutions that are available now.


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