Monday, 29 May 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
MOVE BEYOND COAL at NAB HQ in Sydney 31/5/23


MAY 29TH 2023

PRODUCED by Vivien Langford

With guest producer Simon Walker


K N O W I N G   W H A T   T O  D O

 N A B    B A N K I N G    C L I M A T E   F A I L U R E





The Climate Congregation - In prayer and meditation at NAB HQ in Sydney. This is a group of eminent                                                    citizens  from the Budhist, Christian and Muslim faiths. 


David Finnigan -  Writer and climate expert has a short piece about rewilding in the suburbs. You can see his play in Sydney SCENES FROM THE CLIMATE ERA  at Belvoir Theatre until the end of JUNE.  (440) David Finnigan - How to fall in love with the world as it unravels - YouTube


Oswald Schmitz  - Oastler Professor of Population and community ecology in the Yale University School of Environment.He is in Conversation with Simon Walker about how  Conserving Wildlife Can Help Mitigate Climate Change (

 " Solving the climate crisis and biodiversity crisis are not separate issues. Animals remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide each year. Restoring species will help limit global warming, new science reveals. 


Show Notes

Today's programme takes us to a quiet Meditation Sit In to cut through the shouting around NAB who have increased their funding of the Fossil Fuel Industry!...... Its all through loopholes apparently.

Imagine talking to the CEO. The police have been called but do they know who these people are? 


Dear Ross Mc Ewan,

Thank you for coming down. These people here are praying and meditating in order to connect with  you or the public or with something larger than all of us. You might like to know who they are.

If you are stricken with a heart attack and rushed to the ED, one of these quiet people has spent his life being the calm knowledgeable centre of emergencies. He will know what to do.

If there are racial tensions in your workforce and those workers are vital to you, one of these people is the head of a multi ethnic community group, and he will know what to do. There are skills involved and they start here with quiet meditation.

If someone in your family is deeply unhappy and you have tried everything, one of these people has spent her life counselling, and she will know what to do.

If you need an architect to renovate your house for energy efficiency and future proofing, she is sitting right here, and she will know what to do.

In your world of high finance you also know what to do to keep capital flowing. But there is a bigger context than the economy for you to consider and I invite you to sit with us in this quiet place we have created. You are among people whose lives have been dedicated to the greater good. We are all depending on you to know what to do.



The banners directed at the bank are simple : STOP FUNDING COAL, but in the Sydney HQ of the NAB Bank the calculations must be complex. Their policy is to reduce their exposure to coal yet they have financed the coal industry with $3.3billion since the Paris Climate Ageement. How much PR can cover that up? The new Market Forces report Banking Climate Failure explains the loopholes. Banking Climate Failure 2023 - Market Forces

"The big four banks have committed to not providing direct finance for new thermal coal
projects, and all except ANZ have restrictions on project finance for new oil and gas fields,
although these are opaque and littered with caveats.

Yet none of the banks rule out financing the companies that are developing these new fossil
fuel supply projects and are therefore continuing to fund this activity. It’s also
worth noting that none of the banks exclude finance to new fossil fuel transport or
processing infrastructure, such as LNG terminals, despite these projects being out of line with
global climate goals."


Later in the month a bigger coalition from MOVE BEYOND COAL blocked the entrances of the HQ with signs saying STOP NAB WORKING WHILE NAB WORKS FOR COAL.

You can take action: 

1. Calling all shareholders! - Market Forces

2. Joining Move Beyond Coal

3. Joining  ARRCC

Monday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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