2020 Active Transport recap + Craig Fry on Melbourne to Warrnambool history

Monday, 21 December 2020 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Craig Frys grandfather, Laurie Hately first rode the Warny in 1931 aged 17

On this weeks program Chris does a recap of riding for transport issues, public health and public space after massive impact of COVID19 upon how we live and move about our streets and cities.

Interviews included Phil Barton, Warwick Duncan from Railtrails AustraliaDr Fiona Gray, Simon Howell, Cr Susanne Newton, Renee DikeniDr Ben Beck, Megan Sharkley on Space For Health campaign, Sam Hibbins, Cr Jackie Fristacky, Dan Kneipp, Philip Mallis, Philip Mallis (2), Zoë McMasterLuke Poland, Alice Prior, Alice Prior (2), David Blom, Steve Barnett, Cr Rohan LeppartCr Rohan Leppart (2), Juliet Hall, Helen McDonaldToby from The Cherry Tree Hotel, Tim Goldby from Moonee BUGMatthew Townsend and Roland Postma from Planners Declare.

News and events include pop up bicycle lanes and active transport news from Darebin Council South Crescent pop up lanes, Moreland Council: Making walking and cycling safer in Moreland, VicRoads Heidelberg Road pop up lanes, Yarra Council Making Space and Lloyds of London rapidly exiting fossil fuel projects insurance.

This weeks guest is Dr Craig Fry, cycling historian and writer, who organised a 125th year anniversary ride of the first Melbourne to Warrnambool cycling race, we discuss the Warnys rich history, Craigs long family history with the race and fundraising for Oz Cycling Futures. Read more: The long and winding road of an Australian cycling race older than Tour de FranceFundraising Melbourne to Warrnambool pays tribute to legendary race and Riders complete anniversary ride of Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic.

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Chris, Faith, Val and Steve