Long bike rides - IndyPac catch-up and preparation for the Hunt 1000

Monday, 16 April 2018 - 10:00am to 10:30am

Val and Faith kick off this week's show sharing their respective bike moments; adventures in recent rain and the learning curve associated with vintage road bikes. We cover news items including recent research about drivers and close passing of cyclists and the Amstel Gold road race. We catch up on progress with riders taking part in the ride of the Indian Pacific Wheel Race route and note that almost all riders that intend to finish the route have made it to Sydney Opera House with only a handful still to arrive. 

Talk turns to a different long distance event, the Hunt 1000, coming up in November. We chat to Huw Vellacott of Commuter Cycles who took part in the 2017 event. Huw talks about the demands of the ride, the challenge for riders and the planning he put in to his 2017 ride. Huw will be hosting a slide night, Beginners Guide to the Hunt 1000 this coming Wednesday, April 18th, at Commuter Cycles in Brunswick. 

WE finish up with two upcoming events, Short Rides for Newbie Riders in Carlton and Northcote and the Handmade Bicycle Show.

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Chris, Faith, Val and Steve