Missing the point completely: rise of reactive politics

Monday, 8 April 2024 - 10:00am to 10:30am
"This is incredible footage. It’s definitely not a red kite and doesn’t look like a sparrowhawk" Image from Jeremy Vine video with media quote

On this weeks program Chris and Steve have a wide ranging chat with topics including Jeremy Vine's extraordinarily obvious April Fools day joke, the ridiculous over the top reaction, combined with differences between UK and France about active transport provision, (Guardian: Why has the ‘15-minute city’ taken off in Paris but become a controversial idea in the UK?) that being hostile 'culture wars' vs. a reasonable level of discussion, City Nerd: Cities Where People Travel the "Wrong Way" to Work, 15 minute cities, 20 minute neighbourhoods, what's happened in post Covid19 civil society and what this means for advocates and anyone else wanting safer streets. 

Local news includes E-scooter trial extended across Victoria, Walk Ride Moonee Valley meeting on 20 April, Protected bike lanes for Johnston Street petition hitting 2000 signatures and Critical Mass CBD ride coming up on Friday 26 April 

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